Wednesday, 3 July 2019

10x Your Success Story Online Summit Review

Raf and Kassy gathered more than 30+ interviews with great speakers in the world of online business with different topics such as Multiple Income Streams, FBA, Copywriting, Networking, Online Courses, Careers, Entrepreneurship, Money,  Real Estate, Passive Income, etc.etc. hosted by lively Mr.Jeric Timbang.

This online summit was jumpacked of value bombs and a source of knowledge on starting a business thru online resources. The speakers are the best in their field of interest and deserved "Big Claps".

I did not watched all of them because I attended their previous workshops or bought their courses and heard them speak in conferences. All of them are genuine and true.

I jotted down notes 6 pages full, here are the quotes or answers from question, What if you lose everything, what will be your 3 steps to recoup everything back?

Sean Si  - God never changed and his constant.
1. Go back to GOD.
2. Have a vision and Set goals.
3. Have a timelines and pursue them.

"Work extremely hard with your Vision"

Jon Orana -  Build Authority
1. Find a FB group and create a product for them.
2. Market the product. Advertise.
3. Reinvest the profits back to the business.

1. Connect with people.
2. Finding out what they really want.
3. Go back to the people in #1.

1. Find a really good boss or mentor.
2. Learn from the mentors to save time.
3. Look back and give credit to those who helped you.

1. Adapt in a situation. Learn to adjust.
2. Find another venue like another FB group.
3. Unlearn the things and relearn.

1. Apply as a corporate employee
2. Identify the right skills.
3. Specialized in one area.

1. Put together an offer.
2. Connect and network and don't pitch.
3. Start sharing free content and do it.

1. Find a niche to dominate.
2. Present the digital opportunity for them.
3. Repeat on other industry.

1. Research potential clients & partner.
2. Develop proposals and products
3. Deliver your service with extra.

1. Find a developer and act as a broker.
2. Build online authority.
3. Duplicate myself.

1. Take inventory of what you have.
2. Knowing how much you are spending.
3. Build multiple income.

1. Find a way to make money.
2. Build emergency funds.
3. Work to start your own business

Maria Rica
1. Find your strength.
2. Solve a problem.
3. Target and hangout with your potential customers.

3 C's
1. Create
2. Connect
3. Convert

"Her story resonates with me, because my Father is suffering of sickness and one reason why I want to succeed in my online business so I can be beside him very soon".

1. Market Research
2. Consistently share contents
3. Launch a program

1. Connect to former clients.
2. Prove your worth.
3. Keep on writing.

There are other speakers that I'm finishing but definitely, this is a summit to be repeated.

Other two speakers highly commendable J3 and Allan.

If you want all the 30+ interviews and bonuses upgrade to VIPs.

Thank you so much Raf, Kassy and Jeric.


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