Tuesday, 11 June 2019

A bankrupt life turned into Abundant life.

Many Filipinos scammed by KAPA Ministry and SEC continuously issuing investment scams advisory. We never learned our lessons. It's been a while I did not post on my blog because I felt like I'm also scamming everyone giving advice but not reflecting in my own life.

Let me share with you what happened in my past 5 years of struggle financially, physically and mentally.

First, Trading stocks is one of my expertise, remember the defunct PAM Academy, I was the founder and tried to earned from trading stocks as well as on Newsletter and online courses etc. etc. I was n't able to sustain the gains on trading stocks and started losing lots of money :

Sadly, I was n't able to get out before the stock went down to 7 php, even delisted and tendered by MCO. I made so many mistakes trading and investing, I unloaded my stocks portfolio and stopped for a while.

Second, It's very important to have a set  aside emergency funds and there will always be unexpected expenses. I got married with my lovely wife and born our first baby in 2014, everything looks good, I have my job earning a good amount and family covered. One day,I received another blessings my wife got pregnant, at the same time I received a news that my company went bankrupt and I lose all the benefits of high salary and family insurance. Guess what? my emergency funds dried up and also sold stocks and properties for our survival.

Third, I was invited to so many affiliates marketing, pyramiding and investments, because of greed and lack of knowledge, I joined all of them ending SCAMMED (nakakahiya kasi tumanggi sa offers at sayang na hindi makasakay).

Fourth, Stress overtook my daily lives, I gained weight and started having BP maintenance, cholesterol, uric acids, etc. etc...I'm losing myself in the darkness.

Fifth, I forgot that there is someone up that will be able to help and he has plans for all those who struggled.

What is the turnaround?

First, Invest on what you know. There is no quick fix, you need to learn the investing strategy that will fit you. It will take time and effort to learn the art of investing. I sold Maxs recently before it goes down, and reinvest in other stocks.

Second, I found a right job that covers my family's need, health insurance, accommodation, education, etc. etc. I also started building my Emergency funds, so whatever storms will come I will be able to stand firm. I'm living as an OFW with my wonderful wife and lovely daughters.

Third, Power is not really a power. I tried to discipline myself not to invest in anything with more than 12% returns. I blocked so many numbers on my phone, I keep receiving calls like brother this is a multi-million peso business, can we have coffee? Okay but what is the nature of business and who are the founders? I cannot disclose yet, I will bring my upline in our coffee sessions? then I will end the conversation by hanging up the phone.

Fourth, Health is wealth. I will let you judge. This is not a quick fix, I tried so many diets and I found the right one. I can wear now my old clothes.

Fifth, Spirituality. God will guide you in the path to an Abundant life.

Now, What is the catch? Are you going to sell a products? Are you going to promote something?

No, I just want to inspire and give credit to one of my beloved mentor J3 Patino, he journeyed with me without a judgement.

This is the only way, I can thanked him.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Having a mentor is one of the best decisions I made. J3 is opening a free online wealth breakthrough workshop and opening his community here is the link http://pinoymoneyacademy.com/wbw/  Note this is not an affiliate products though I'm a member of this program, I'm not doing this for any monetary rewards.

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