Tuesday, 1 January 2019

My IPON Tips 2019

I'm grateful for Year 2018 and celebrated Media Noche with my families. For Year 2019, it will be a Winning Year for me in different aspects of my life Spiritual, Family, Health, and Finances. Winning year because this will be a year of "Starting All Over Again", back to basic is the theme of my 2019.

Let me share with you the IPON Tips of 2019 ;

First, Monitor the INs & OUTs. This will be the monitoring of what comes IN and what goes OUT especially if you are an OFW and keep staying where you are financially after 5 years, then it's time to look at Where the money goes? This is making a budget plan and sticking to it. I will dig deeper about budgeting on next blog  posts.

Second, Increase your Income. If the last 5 years, your income did not move or even move down then there is something wrong,. It's time to look for opportunities to increase it, it can be job promotions, moving to other higher job position, doing some part time jobs or sidehustle, etc.etc. This will definitely help to build your wealth overtime.

Third, Power of Compounding. Use the time value of money, the earlier you start the earlier you can build your future retirement funds. This is the investing part whether on stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.etc. Before you invest, learn and research first to avoid investment scams.

Once again, Have a Blessed Year 2019!!!

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