Friday, 25 January 2019

10 Years Challenge

It's been a while that I did not write for my blog. Yesterday, I was invited to speak in an event for United Architects of the Philippines - Abu Dhabi Chapter for the topic of Entrepreneurial Accounting (Accounting for Non Accountants).

I made a twist on my presentation,  I separated Entrepreneurship to Accounting thru Managing your Personal Finance First before jumping into putting up your own business. It was a very encouraging moment because as I speak my tears flowing because of going back from my past and share with them where I stand 10 years ago.

I also shared a visualization exercise and giving them the 10 years challenge instead of going back 10 years ago, we moved forward visualizing our successes 10 years from now.

I have one challenge to the readers of this blog:

First, Write your dreams or goals for the next 10 years. Manifest the dreams in your hands.
Second, Put it on the door of your bathroom. Every morning you will be reminded that you need to work for your goals.
Third, Visualize it every night. Take 15 minutes to see it happening into reality.

10 years from now, you will have the dreams in front of you turn into reality.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

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