Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Creating Your Own Financial Breakthrough

Financial breakthrough means getting something financially that you really want that can be salary increase, job promotions, additional sidehustle income and the list can go on but they are not limited to finances and there is more if you go deeper.

I would not elaborate because there is someone who is expert in helping Filipino's achieve their financial breakthroughs month after month, so read this blog post or go directly to this link for video lessons

I learned from him the 4C's to achieving financial breakthrough;

First C, Clarity. You need to get clear what is your financial goal? for example: getting out of credit card debts, building an emergency funds, starting a business, or saving for retirement. You need to check what is your financial situation and identify which financial breakthrough that you should focus on.

Second C, Course. Look at the proven path or follow the right course to take towards achieving your financial breakthrough. From the example of getting out of credit card debts, one course to take is start paying not only the minimum amount due but more than that amount or total amount due based on your budget, stop using the credit card until fully paid, and discipline yourself on using the credit card.

Third C, Calendar. Set a schedule weekly or monthly for a financial coach that can help you in your financial goals. In the example of credit card, set in a calendar the target deadline of clearing your credit cards.

Fourth C, Community. Having people that will listen to you and support you in your financial breakthrough plans. In the example of credit card debts, if the interest is too high, you can ask a member of your family to help you pay the debts then explain to them that you are in need because interests is too high and keeps increasing, but you will pay them directly instead of paying the interest to the bank.

Like what I have said, where I learned the 4C's are from my financial coach, J3, his the founder of Pinoy Money Academy and Journey to Abundance, he helped thousands of Filipinos increased their income, getting out of debts, improved their investments and bring families closer to life of freedom and abundance.

I'm an avid fan because I personally enjoying financial breakthroughs months after months after I joined him in the Journey To Abundance community. If you want to know more about his works, click this link for FREE WEALTH BREAKTHROUGH WORKSHOP

Waiting to see you in JTA,

Jonathan Ruiz, CPA, MBA

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