Sunday, 14 October 2018

What is your investing plan?

The market keeps bouncing up and down, as of this writing PSE index at 7019 level an oversold rebound from sell off. This is also happening in neighboring markets because of many factors such as US & China trade war, Brexit, etc. etc.

I would like to share my opinion in terms of strategy or investing plan when the market is moving on a different direction against your portfolios. Traders would still play in the ups and downs thru penny or "basura" stocks while Investors will look for bargains.

I'm taking the side of investor in this blog post not for the reasons that I made a wrong move and got "IPIT" on the stocks. I have seen that my gains wiped out by 50% in my long term stock portfolios.

Here are my personal tips on investing:

First, Stick to your investing plan. Whatever noise in the market, fears and greed will be everywhere because uncertainty is part of investing. The good thing, if you know what you are doing then no need to worry and have a peace of mind. Many already panicked and sold positions at a loss because of  recommendations from many gurus including your friend.

Second, Closed your portfolio. Don't log in until you have an extra cash to inject. If you said that you are a "long term investor" then no reason to panic and no need to look every single minute to your bleeding portfolio. This is also good for your health to avoid getting sore eyes.

Third, Look for a sideline. It's been a long time that I'm not writing on this blog because I spent my time of what sideline business to do, thankfully I found one. Try to work on how to increase your cash flows, so you will have more cash to invest later.

What about you? Are you wasting time looking at your portfolio ? Do something productive.

Just continue your journey to financial freedom and don't be derail by distractions.

Thank you for reading this blog. If this helping you, kindly share to your families and friends.

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