Tuesday, 1 May 2018

My Favourite Stocks for Long Term

Today, PSEi is on a red territory trading at  7700 - 7800 level. We need to be alert of a good buying point level. I'm not bearish on the market and I can see gains at the end of year 2018 for a good amount. The level of my buying point is below 7500, I feel more safe, for traders it will be against their principles. Traders wait for a reversal point, if there is no sign they will stay on the sidelines.

Again, stock market investors should always look at companies fundamentals and future growth. In my case, for the  past 2 years my strategy is to hold for long term but if the stocks hit my target price, I will sell which is a twist in my long term strategy. Proceeds of selling will be reinvested and repeat the process again. This is my way of building wealth.

I would like to share with you three favourite long term stocks:

MBT - Metrobank - one of the biggest bank in the country, the entry point is a price below 83 and target price of 100 above. You're in good hands. A substitute could be EW-  East West Bank.

DNL - D&L Industries Inc. one of the biggest provider in customization , development and manufacturing of food ingredients in the country. It's nearing to 52 weeks low which is 9.98. Entry point is below 10. 75 and target price of 12 .

LR  - Leisure Resorts World Corporation . this is my speculative play  as they focused on leisure business and gaming. There is a potential for this stock, as the gaming industry is growing in our country. The entry point is below 4.28 with a target price of 6 .

Those stocks are on my portfolios, I walked the talk. 

Disclaimer: this is for informational purposes only and readers of this blog advise to do their own research.

Looking forward to see you gaining in this market.

Sincerely yours,


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