Sunday, 29 April 2018

What is the right stocks strategy???

The market is moving on a crazy directions, it keeps going down and after few days bounce back again. This is true that nobody has a crystal ball to predict where the market is going.

I still keep receiving inquiries and messages,  what should be the right strategy during these exciting times in PSEi?
Though, I stopped trading and pick a long term investing strategy. I can still give you an advise that will be applicable whether you are investing or trading.

First, Back to basic. Why did you bought a stock in the first place? If only for the recommendations of a friend , then ask your friend what to do now that you are in a red territory? At the end, you are the only one who will press the buy or sell button. The first step should be study the stocks, if you are into trading then you should know when to sell because you already hit a target price like this image below I sold at 30% gains.

Second, Stick to your plan. If you are into trading, there is no reason to be  "IPIT"  because usually traders set a stop loss, even if you are Newbie you should know how much you can afford to lose. But always bear in mind, your goal is to earn. Always try to buy at an affordable rate or a good entry point.

Third, Fundamental or Technical Analysis. Consider yourself as a soldier going to warzone when opening your stocks portfolio, check yourself in which side of discipline you are applying into your portfolio. "No one should say, "Okay Lang Kahit Ipit, Pwede Naman Long Term" then the question will be, for HOW LONG?

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P.S. I really miss blogging in this field. I will be publishing an article on this blog every Sunday.

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