Tuesday, 10 April 2018


I really love collecting quotes, here are some of my favourites:
Your Biography is not your destiny.
Think Long term.
Develop your Mind.
New Adventure & Gain Insights.
Absence of Money does n't bring happiness.

Smart Craft for Smart People.
The more you are successful, the more questions you will have.
Learn from everybody.
Leave what you don't like.
Dissects anybody.
Build discipline.
Take the pain.
Self Improvement.
Dark Triad Test Online.
Be around people that you make uncomfortable.
Take the pain.
Self Improvement.
Be the flame not the moth.
Step by step you get ahead.
I will write a story that is good to read.
Discover who you are.
Discover your greatness.
Celebrate yourself.
Forgive yourself.
It's never too late.
Don't wear labels.
Press reset.
Never be the bitch of your own mind.
Learn from amazing people.
Go to conferences, seminars, trainings.
Hustle on networking.
Build a small business.
Make a realistic goal.
Massive visions.
What is the impact you want to have in the world?
Tombstone goals.
Be willing.
Set the bar.
Mentors are great , cheerleaders are better.
Feel others that they are the most important people in the world.
Everybody is a customer.
Networking is the most powerful thing.
Look for like minded people.
Executive physical.
Success is access.

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