Sunday, 11 March 2018

Money Talks UAE 2018

For the last 3 years, I'm keeping to myself how I suffered financially because I'm ashame that I made a lot of financial mistakes and be judge that I failed in my financial journey as a licensed CPA, Master's degree graduate, entrepreneur and financial blogger,  but yesterday during Money Talks UAE 2018 was another turning point of my life.

I unloaded my financial bagagges and be myself during the DIY - Financial Planning session with Ms. Salve Duplito, she hit the soft spot of attendees and share how to vision their future self at the
age 60.

I cannot drew clearly because of financial mistakes keep flashing in my head, it's like pushing me back to my past during those times that I lost my job and ran out of emergency funds, unloaded my red stocks with big amount of losses, my first condo unit that was foreclosed by bank, sold my first beach property, a time that started to pile up my credit card debts, personal loans, my wife's delivery of second baby without health insurance, insufficient fund receipt from ATM while on exit and recently sold my second condo unit at a loss.  

I cannot see the end of tunnel and keep going back to zero or nothing, but Ms. Salve said she believed in me and I could stand up and  be brave enough to start all over again. She said to the class to pray for me. Tears overflow and even until today when I arrived at the office in front my desk, the determination to start again is like a burning fire.

I want to share this story because there are many OFW's that could be on the same situation where I stand right now, from Rags to Riches, Riches to Rags, Rags to ______ . I will keep the third part of financial journey in blank for the next 5 years and stick to my financial plans.

I stopped blogging because I cannot walk the talk and lost the hope to get away from this financial mess. Yesterday was a wake up call or my "turon moments", this hugot line inspires me:


I will never forget and treasure my  own "TURON" moments.

For Sir Randell, Sir Marvin, Sir Carl and Maestro Tony, all of you never get tired of teaching and inspiring Filipinos abroad. Thank you very much.

MONEY TALKS UAE Volunteers especially Franz. MABUHAY PO KAYO.


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