Sunday, 16 July 2017

5 years journey to Financial Freedom

I achieved my financial freedom today. Thank you to those supported my journey especially those readers of this blog.

My sideline businesses are now full time gig. I owned 3 " Eat all you can Filipino restaurants " and partnered with an educational training center. I also received different awards as an entrepreneur, best selling author and speaker.

I was able to build a dream house in 10 hectares land and recently bought a McLaren Sports car. My kids  attending prestigious schools. My wife and kids travel with me in different countries while doing speaking engagements. We started visiting  Disneyland and recently came back from vacation.

It will be my future reality.

I would like to share with you my plans on how to achieve those dreams;

First , Increase my worth. Yourself is an asset which should be increasing in value over time thru education and experiences. I keep learning and studying different courses. Changing from one position to another and industry after industry.

Second, Keep saving. This part is tough, I'm planning to make it as an automatic deductions from monthly income and fight inflation thru investing.

Third, Investing. I continuously add every month on investment portfolios. All side hustle income goes to investing account.

Fourth, Taking risk on business ventures. Failures will be part of it, risk is a part of everyday living. I will not be afraid to fail again. Start new businesses this year.

Fifth, Set priorities. I have issues with time, I started sticking to schedule and set aside more quality time with family. I don't want to achieve those goals while losing relationships.

I don't know what to blog, I visualize my dream future. It lifted my spirit today.

I'm looking forward to your financial success.

To God be the Glory!!!

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz CPA


P.S. If you want to know more about my strategy please sign up for free on this link; .

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