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Getting Rich Idea

Driving a Ferrari, living in a Mansion, eating at 5 star restaurants, and indulging to other luxurious things, for many this is the standard of living a rich life.I would not argue with the meaning of richness, but let me share my experiment in getting rich financially. Here are ideas that I'm trying to explore;1. Pay all debts. Living a debt free life is like sleeping with a peace of mind. I'm on a process of eliminating debts.2. Learn to live simply. Spending at a minimum possible, living expenses should be 30% of income. I started with car lift instead of rent a car, from 1600 aed  plus petrol down to 700 aed or equivalent 12, 398 php savings.3. Make money work for me. Keeping my eye on investments with more than 8% ROI in a year. It can be a stocks, franchise, and start up business.

4. Create multiple streams of income. Focus on creating money machines such as rental properties, royalty on books, and blogging income.5. Join a business venture or partnership. I'm working…

My COLing the Shots Pick

Is it for future retirement? Is it for educational plan for  kids? Is it short term gains for travel? What is your motivation in buying stocks?

I created my own COLing the shots portfolio or my PAM - payamang stocks pick, this is not a recommendation for you to follow but to analyze.

I want to share my 3 out of 5 stocks pick for long term investing;

First, EW or East West Bank. I sold my MBT with 18%  gains and stick to EW because of potential gains from previous price of 19 PHP per share which I actually bought 2 years ago at a higher price of 25.20. I had paper losses but recovered this year  because of earnings jump by 54%.

Second, FGEN or First Gen Corporation. FGEN is my power play stocks due to growing demand on energy sector. I believed that San Gabriel and Avion facility will bring increase earnings in the future. The current price is undervalued because of sell off from traders during the news of drop in profits by 11% but looking at a future potential there is a minimum 20% …

3 Money Beliefs thru Scripture

After attending an online course of Tony Robbins about Financial sabotage, I would like to share what I discovered from my past money beliefs that sabotage financial growth.  Here is my "3 Money Beliefs".

First, Money is the root of all evil. This is misinterpreted in the scripture 1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. The word LOVE was omitted and not given an emphasis, if you focus and love money, it will pull you to the wrong path and start doing evil things. This is the case for people committing crimes for the sake of earning money.

Second, You cannot be rich and serve God. This also relates with other scripture on the bible
Matthew 6:24 No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will devoted on the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money. This money beliefs want you to become …

How to set a Target Price?

Happy moments of PSEi hitting the 8000 level. Newbies increasing number is a good sign that investing is for everyone.I keep receiving the question: How to set a Target Price?

I will give you 3 simple steps;

First, Buy stock at a possible lowest point. Try to look at history for 52 weeks and calculate the average price, if the stock is trading below the average price then start accumulating. Here is a good example my ICT, I bought this stock last August 2016 for 84.95:

Second, Sell the stock after receiving dividends. ICT is turning 1 year in my portfolio this coming August 2017 and I received dividends last May 2017;

Third, Have at least 15% gains. I used PAM PSE TRACKER to calculate my potential gains ( ) I'm trying not to become greedy and no regrets after selling the stock:

I sold ICT with 18.77% gains:

Total Gains 16,381.35 PHP = 14,380.65 + 2,000.70 
To God be the Glory!!!
Sincerely yours,
Jonathan I. Ruiz …

3 Keys to Become a Successful Investor

I keep learning in the stock market as an investor and trader. It's a challenging journey. The happy part is when a stock is recovering from losses.
Ex:  EW          



PSEi hits 8000 level, you should be seeing your portfolio in a green territory.
I would like to share 3 keys to become a successful investor:
First, Patience. A good example is the EW above from -21% to +8% gains. You are not looking for a short term gains but a long term gains. Don't be afraid to see a bloody portfolios instead it is a good sign to average down and buy more.
Second, Persistence. Keep trying. If you made a big moves or a mistake in choosing a stock, don't be discourage but hone your skills in picking the right stocks. Try and try until you hit the green territory. 
Third, Avoid distractions.The noise of recommendations from hypers, newsletters and friends should not distract your strategy. Selling and buying a stock should come from your own research and understanding.
To God be th…