Sunday, 30 April 2017

Overcoming Failures

Sometimes it's hard to accept the failures in our lives. We failed in exams, lost jobs, businesses went bankrupt, broken hearted and failed from others expectation.

I suffered from many failures, and recently my company went bankrupt and workers lost their jobs. In addition, I'm still on exit waiting for my visa while my wife is due to deliver a wonderful baby anytime. Consider me as your failure guru.

How to overcome those failures?

Here are my three tips:

First, learn from those failures. You will only become victorious, if you learned and committed not to do the same mistakes again.

Second, make a decision. Be firm and stand still. You need to look at the wrong decisions made, and start making a decision to start all over again. Reboot your life.

Third, gratitude. Still you can be greatful to lighten the burden of failures. Appreciate that you have a wonderful family, a loving wife, a healthy babies, and there will be a promising career and better future waiting ahead.

The most important tips not included is to " Commit Yourself to God" and everything will be fine.

Failures and defeats make us weaker in a moment but makes us stronger in the future.- chink+

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz CPA, MIB
Newbie Mentor

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