Friday, 14 April 2017

Is it time to get out of the rat race?

9-5 working hours are not the trend anymore. The power of internet make things easier to entrepreneurs to work less time and more freedom.

Is it really the time to get out of the rat race?

My answer to this question is " Yes".

There are 3 important tips that you can apply in your life to get out of the rat race.

First, Blogging. This is one of the popular ways to get out of the rat race. Blog about your passion and build a following around this passion. Start making money thru selling digital products such as ebooks, online courses, one on one mentoring etc. etc.

Second, Affiliate marketing. This can be a legit multi-level marketing, pyramiding or direct selling business. You can start this business on the side even at home thru posting to your social media accounts and shout " Power ". Caution : Pick only those registered with SEC and legitimate companies.

Third, Passive Income thru Investing or Trading on Stock Market. This tips require time and efforts to learn. We can earn thru dividends, capital appreciation , and short term trading. You need to pick your style that will fit your lifestyle. For 2017, I chose to be a passive investor without putting much effort on monitoring stocks.

You can get out of the rat race if you can master one of those tips above. Focus on one of them and you will be able to see amazing results. 

I will see you on your financial success.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz CPA, MIB
Newbie Mentor

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