Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Art of Getting Out Early

CHP share price from 11.16 to 9.3 down almost 14%, the main reason is panic of some investors due to 4th quarter 2016 disappointed results amounting to net loss of PHP 7.2 million. The net loss due to decline in cement volume and prices.

One of the most important part of investing or trading is to get proper information and analyze the possible impact on share price. If you are long term investor, this will not affect this type of news because of your long term plans that you believed that the company will recover from the losses.

If you are a trader or mid -term strategist, I have three tips to share;

First, Don't be greedy. If you have a good amount of gains and volume, you can collect the gains.

Second, Get out early and sell. Be alert on possible bad news especially if you are reading the news site and brokers recommendation everyday.

Third, Management strategy. Check the Acquisition or Disposition of members of management.

I'm looking forward to your Financial success.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz, CPA, MIB

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