Saturday, 11 February 2017

From -8% to 203% Gains

A year ago, I bought TUGS for undervalued price and it went down to - 8% loss. My strategy is to go for value investing. 

I stick to my plans, the results:

I got 203% gains.

I have few tips to share after I stopped trading due to personal reasons ( full time  position and as a Father and Husband). I studied fundamental analysis and try to pick the right stocks for long term investing. I'm using PAM strategy on day trading, still same principles, there is no need to chase the market.

Here are 3 tips, the acronym PAM;

First, P for Planning. The plan is to make a long term investment for brighter future. I bought TUGS, up and down movement of price  but I stick to the plan " Long Term".

Second, A for Actions. I took full responsibility of my actions. I did not follow anyone or recommendation by a friend. Own decisions and actions, no one should be blame.
Third, M for Mindset. The positive and right mindset will keep you on track. No noise will bother my peace of mind and having the right mindset that my portfolio will give green signals produces outstanding results.

I hope you are inspired by this strategy.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz, CPA ,MIB
Newbie Mentor

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