Thursday, 5 January 2017

Keys to Financial Success and Prosperity 2017

Everyone have an equal opportunity to become successful and prosperous for year 2017, it depends on how hard and smart you are going to work your way to success and prosperity. It also depends on how you define your meaning of success.

Success means an accomplishment of an aim or purpose while Prosperity is flourishing financially. Success and prosperity is not only about earning more money, it is how you balance every aspect of your life in terms of spirituality, family, community, career and personal relationship.

I would like to share my keys for this 2017 journey:

1. Early to bed and early to rise. I will start my day by waking up as early as 5:00 in the morning and do my morning rituals. Don't keep postponing your alarm. It's better to start the day with  fresh mind and body while others still sleeping.

2. Exercise. For year 2016, I gained 22 lbs, because many invitations on birthdays, holidays, etc. etc. It's time to take care of our health seriously. My plan is to turn this 10 lbs into muscles. Sadly I witness with my families and friends getting sick and it helps me reflect with my own health and lifestyle.

3. Focus. I multitask in a day and keep working in different things. This year 2017, I will focus on one thing until I finished it.

4. Be consistent. Once, I start these good habits, I will continue until the end of year. Avoid "Ningas Kugon" attitude. This apply not only on personal habits also in Investing. I will continue my long term plans for my stocks portfolio and not be sway by noise in the market. I got a great results in 2016. One stock that really stands out:

5. Help others. I will continue inspiring and helping others in their journey to financial freedom and achieving CPA Dreams for those students who will take the board exam this year 2017.

6. Do not delay and Do it. I'm a last minute guy and finish the work on deadline. This year 2017 will be different and help my colleagues, if they need something. I will be a "Go To Guy" at work.

7. Spend money wisely. I spent for courses, books and seminars but I also made mistakes in some purchases. This year will be a year of investing and saving more for the future. I will invest only to those investments that I research and follow my instinct.

8. Community. I want to get more involve in community gatherings and volunteering. Proper time management and discipline needed on this part. Connect and network with others to build friendship.

9. Family relationships. I believed in this formula : Happy Husband + Happy Babies + Happy Wife = Happy Family Relationships. I want to commit more quality time with my wifey and babies this year.

10. Prayers. I want to become more prayerful and spend time to reflect every single day to get more directions in my life and to achieve success and prosperity this year 2017.

Wishing you success and prosperity.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz , CPA, MIB

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