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Start building your own Business NOW

Why do you work abroad?
I want to give brighter future for my family and save for my retirement.
What are you going to do after working abroad?
I'm going to start my own business.
This is a usual conversation of OFW's, after years in abroad most of them will start their own business. High percentage of failures are happening to start up businesses and some will end up going back abroad.

There are 5 signs that will give you an idea that you are ready to start your own business:
1. Knowledge . You need to be knowledgeable on the field to start a business. For example; Start a restaurant what if you don't know anything but only eating and your past experience are on HR administration. The right step is to read books, attend food tasting and seminars to have an idea of what is the trend in the industry.

2. Capital . Enough capital. You need to build a foundation of your finances. You should have enough savings for emergency, pension funds, health insurance, life insurance, and …

Getting Out of Debt

"Utang, Pagkakuha ng Suweldo, Bayad Utang.
Pagkabayad Utang! Dahil Kulang Ulit,
Utang! Pagkakuha ng Suweldo, Bayad Utang.
Pagkabayad Utang! Kulang! Paulit ulit -lang.
                                                           - Chinkee Tan

Unending debt cycle. Getting out of debt is the first step in achieving financial freedom. You should work out on your debt status before starting to invest in different financial instruments. Probably you will say that there is a good debt and bad debt, Yes but debt is debt.

It can start at a very small amount of loan or credit card consumption. This debt can build overtime then it will become a mountain that cannot be move. This is a place where everyone fall into trap.

Here are my tips on how to handle debts:

First, Pay all the debts slowly but surely. There is no point of adding additional debts if you still have an existing one.

Second, Look for a lower interest rates. If you have an existing debts, try to look for a bank that can purchase …