Saturday, 8 October 2016

Wasted Time = Wasted Money

I'm trying to be productive and manage time wisely, as they said "TIME IS GOLD" but in reality "TIME IS MONEY". Probably you are working full-time 9 - 5 hours worked, received monthly paycheck according to hours worked. Sometimes, you are working extra hours and get paid for overtime.

Of course, there a lot of interruptions that cut your time such as facebook notifications, email alerts, browsing and navigating in the net, more or less it will be equivalent of 1 hour or more in  a day. Try to cut the wasted time instead spend it for quality time:

Here are some activities that cost us money:

1. Gossip meeting. Only attend meetings that are necessary, if you are working in an organization that focuses on teamwork, you will have at least 3 meetings in a week. Check the agenda of the meetings before attending, probably less time will be wasted or ask your secretary to attend the meeting if your presence are not necessary.

2. Reading news. If you are reading the news, you might be checking too much to keep yourself updated about current events. Check only that interests you and related to your industry work.

3. Removed Outdated Processes. I noticed that there are still a lot of companies having too much papers stock for filing when in reality you can do it with paper-less transactions and  manual or spending extra time. Take time to update your processes and take advantage of technology.

4. Complaining / Procrastination . If you start the day procrastinating, guaranteed that you will ruin your day and spend your time to unnecessary tasks. Start the day with gratitude and affirmations. Plan your day.

5. Spending too much time on Social Media. This eats a lot of your time. You signed up for facebook, instagram, google, snapchat, twitter,  linkedin etc. etc, You keep updating yourself every 30 minutes and keep stalking to your ex-es and friends, thinking that you might be missing out important events.

Have a Productive Weekend.

Try to spend your extra time for your family.

Sincerely yours,


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