Friday, 28 October 2016

Steps on Creating Monthly Passive Income

Everyone wants to live a life free of financial worries, I keep trying to venture with different businesses, sidelines, hustle, etc. etc. I worked in real estate 4 years ago and today claiming the fruits of my hardwork.

I received my unclaimed commissions from May to Sept 2016 in my previous real estate deals.

I would like to share with you tips and my personal experience in achieving my goals of  creating passive income of 1M PHP monthly. 

I'm on my way to achieve this goal, it was tough there are many challenges and trials along the way but I keep standing and  focusing on the goal.

Here are few steps to follow:

1. Find your strength. Don't focus on your weaknesses instead make your strength to be at a world class standard. For example ; I worked as a Financial Controller, I keep improving myself in fundamental analysis, reinforce my education and  credibility (I recently passed the CPA Board Exam).

2. Create New Ideas. Think of something different that can solve somebody's problem. For Example ; Investors and traders problem on maintenance of broker's platform, I developed an application in which they can monitor their stocks everywhere and anywhere PAM PSE Tracker  .

3. Monetize the idea. Start looking at the possibility of income generating sources in your strength and ideas. For Example: Create an Ebook for stock market newbies ( ) , make an online school ( ) and develop an application etc. etc.

I'm looking forward to your Financial Freedom.

Sincerely yours,


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