Monday, 3 October 2016

Abundance Now!!!

I believed everyone can have abundance in their lives. We can amplify our lives and achieve prosperity today.

I'm reading the book of Lisa Nichols and Janet Switzer -Abundance Now, I would like to share with you the formula of getting rich. Again, this is not a "get rich quick scheme" but a tried and true formula for amassing substantial wealth over time.

Here is the summary:

1. Write a budget  that tells you every month where your money should be spent. Include savings and investments- in any amount - as just another expense you pay along with your groceries, rent and electric bill. If you need a budgeting app, here is the link .

2. Get Out of Debt. Pay off your smallest debt first, then apply that now-available debt payment toward paying off larger debts.  Keep going until you have zero debt- except for your mortgage(and many people pay that off too). Get rid of excessive credit cards except one that you use for necessary purchases or emergencies.

3. Find an additional revenue stream specifically so you can put that money toward saving, investing, or debt reduction purpose. If your additional revenue is a second job, take that job with the intent of staying and earning only as long as you need to get your finances in order. Invest your second paycheck 100% into your financial goals.

4. Begin strategically to find ways for your money to multiply itself. There are three basic ways for money to multiply- and some don't require your oversight. The first is to simply open an investment account that uses mutual funds to invest your money on stocks and bonds.Second,  develop a product or service of your own and start a business to sell it. Third, you can invest your money in other's people's businesses after carefully investigating the company, analyzing it's history and assessing its future.

Create your financial abundance for yourself and loved ones, it's time to activate the entire formula.

Looking forward to your abundant life.

Jonathan I. Ruiz

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