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How to save yourself from losing in the stock market?

The market is on a range of 7200 - 7600 level, the next possible resistance is at 7800 level that keeps our heart beating fast especially if you are day trading. There is always a chance of gaining good amount and losing at the same time. The Du30 presidency push a positive index and trust by the investors in our economy for the next 6 years. The FED rates stability policy to be on sideways add the positive momentum.

The main question, I keep receiving from newbies: How to save yourself from losing in the stock market?

Let me try to answer this question based from my experience.

First, Excitement. If a friend will show his portfolio in a green mode, you will be convinced that "There is a big bucks on Trading", on the other hand, the loss is big before he achieved that green port. It will take time to master a specific strategy and start earning a good amount. Newbies beware not everyone will show their true portfolios, usually the loss will be at the back of green portfolios…