Tuesday, 31 May 2016

10 Important Life Lessons Learned in the past 32 years

At age 32, I'm celebrating the goodness of this life, it's time to reflect on the past. There are life lessons that could only be learned at this age and probably many of you are journeying with me on the same boat.

I want to share with you life lessons that you might want to experience  in a different or same way:

1. Health. Take care of your health. At young age, I was diagnosed with Arithmia or irregular beating of the heart, I don't know how it happened maybe because of my lifestyle. I drink lots of coffee, started drinking at young age and worked very hard at age 17. Now, I minimized those unhealthy stuff and decided to take the challenge of losing weight.

2.Working Hard. I don't recommend to work hard instead work smart. A good example of this is answering emails at a specified time of the day, 8:30 - 9:00 AM and 4:00 - 4:30 PM, it is not good to check emails every 15 minutes, it will not add to your productivity. Focus on the most important tasks of the day.

3. Don't go fast and slow down. Sometimes we are impatience in our career, business, love life, and the feeling of you need to go fast to achieve your goals. I believe that there is a time for everything and good things happen to those who waited patiently.

4. Give and give back. It's better to give than to receive. This is true.When you start giving, you will feel more blessed. I learned this from the start, this might be one reason I never had a shortage in my life. As a gift, I'm giving the lessons in PAM academy free: http://www.pamacademy.net/. Just sign up and send your username at jhonbull2002@yahoo.com .

5. Money is only an instrument. Money can be earn anytime but you should learn how to handle and grow it. I'm thankful that my passive income machines and other investments are working and it's my 2nd year earning from it. This will be my future pension fund http://pamrichfriends.com/70k-passive-income-report-april-2016/  . Grow your money mindset.

6. Continuous learning. Learning should not stop after graduation. You should continuously learn and accumulate knowledge and turn it into power. Build your talents and skills, it will be your key to success in building a career and business. Start reading books.

7. Stay humble. "Mabait ka, kaya mo Yan", I always received this remarks but I keep my feet on the ground. Respect should be given to everyone whatever status you achieved in life.

8. Friendship. Be a good friend.  You always need somebody for a help and no man is an island but you can stay away from your negative Friends.Thanks to those who keep believing in me and especially to my household in CFC. Mabuhay po kayo.

9. Family relationship. This is one of my priority and to spend quality time with them. I'm very thankful to have a loving wife and a wonderful baby. Family first, no questions.

10. God. Without the Divine Intervention of God Almighty, I will not be here writing the 10 important life lessons. Anything you do, acknowledge him.

Wishing good health, good life and peace in this world.

- Jonathan I. Ruiz

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