Tuesday, 19 April 2016

FNI Buhos

Trading is not a game. A thorough study and technical analysis of a chosen stock should be part of everyday living to gain hands on experience. I don't recommend to newbies to jump on this unchartered waters.

If you are newbie in this field, I recommend 3 important tips:

First, Learn a specific strategy. It will depend on your personality and available time. If you are willing to risks a big amount of your capital then trading might be for you, if you don't have enough time and capital, then value investing will be the right strategy.

Second, Don't follow the crowd. If there is a noise then stay calm and keep quiet. This is the way I manage the PAM Chat room, I only share if there is an important information. Thanks to those active members on the FB chat room.

Third, Don't be greedy. 20% gains in a day is not bad, if momentum stays then keep it for another 2 days. Set you target exit point or target price, once hit stick to it and grab the bucks. Don't look back again because you will feel a bit dissapointed if it goes up for another 10%.

Looking forward to see you achieve Financial Freedom.

If you are interested learning about passive income in the stock market, I would like to invite you, here is the link; http://www.pamacademy.net/1m-passive-income-online-course/

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

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