Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Contract To An Everlasting Love

"Love is all that matters, faithful and forever, keeping us together, love is all we need".

As the song goes, love matters  in our daily lives, everyone wants to be loved, many are searching  for an everlasting love and once found they believed that love can be forever. While others trying to achieve unlimited wealth, and continuously gain immeasurable knowledge, I'm in the middle of nowhere searching for my everlasting love.

At Oslo central station, he met the destiny. A lady waiting on a bench for her train caught his attention, she approached and started a conversation, it only took 15 minutes of their time to understand each other's intention to play friends with benefits.

She was a conservative  "probinsyana type" of girl that is a full of life. Simple yet vulnerable lady who was learning to bloom and discovering herself in many things and finding it on other side of the world in Norway.

He was a traveller. A business minded bachelor and a Chef at the same time. Someone who managed his own time and dealt with different people in business world.

Two different people came from two different place in Philippines. They came across the sea looking forward what the other land can offer. They have their own life until one day, destiny worked to meet them in Norway.

After the incident in central station, the two lovers signed a love contract for one month. And all started with a joke and a contract, using each other in the sense of being committed in the eyes of others and pretending that is a serious relationship. Two hearts longing for someone to love and finding their share of FOREVER. A contract that will keep them together and having no chance to be engaged with one another.

In this love contract both characters played their role. He used to call and text everyday, minutes and hours or vice versa. They made things possible, friendship started to build, they discovered each other's personalities, works, hobbies, and views. The simple lady views of life to gain immeasurable knowledge for her to achieve her dreams while the traveller to work hard and achieve unlimited wealth.

Unexpectedly, something was developed. The feelings from each other grew and developed. They confessed that they fell in love to each other. The love contract broken and became a true and everlasting love.

Both of them stopped their goals of achieving unlimited wealth and gain immeasurable knowledge but instead end up with an everlasting love.

Love is the motives of our lives, unlimited wealth and immeasurable knowledge can be easily gained if you are motivated by love. The main reason why we are here is because God loves us through his son Jesus Christ which he showed the true meaning of an everlasting love.

If you could only pick one, would you rather have Unlimited Wealth, Immeasurable Knowledge, or Everlasting Love?

The answer is Everlasting Love.

The story written above is my true love story that the traveller is now living with a fruits of an everlasting love.

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