Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Contract To An Everlasting Love

"Love is all that matters, faithful and forever, keeping us together, love is all we need".

As the song goes, love matters  in our daily lives, everyone wants to be loved, many are searching  for an everlasting love and once found they believed that love can be forever. While others trying to achieve unlimited wealth, and continuously gain immeasurable knowledge, I'm in the middle of nowhere searching for my everlasting love.

At Oslo central station, he met the destiny. A lady waiting on a bench for her train caught his attention, she approached and started a conversation, it only took 15 minutes of their time to understand each other's intention to play friends with benefits.

She was a conservative  "probinsyana type" of girl that is a full of life. Simple yet vulnerable lady who was learning to bloom and discovering herself in many things and finding it on other side of the world in Norway.

He was a traveller. A business minded bachelor and a Chef at the same time. Someone who managed his own time and dealt with different people in business world.

Two different people came from two different place in Philippines. They came across the sea looking forward what the other land can offer. They have their own life until one day, destiny worked to meet them in Norway.

After the incident in central station, the two lovers signed a love contract for one month. And all started with a joke and a contract, using each other in the sense of being committed in the eyes of others and pretending that is a serious relationship. Two hearts longing for someone to love and finding their share of FOREVER. A contract that will keep them together and having no chance to be engaged with one another.

In this love contract both characters played their role. He used to call and text everyday, minutes and hours or vice versa. They made things possible, friendship started to build, they discovered each other's personalities, works, hobbies, and views. The simple lady views of life to gain immeasurable knowledge for her to achieve her dreams while the traveller to work hard and achieve unlimited wealth.

Unexpectedly, something was developed. The feelings from each other grew and developed. They confessed that they fell in love to each other. The love contract broken and became a true and everlasting love.

Both of them stopped their goals of achieving unlimited wealth and gain immeasurable knowledge but instead end up with an everlasting love.

Love is the motives of our lives, unlimited wealth and immeasurable knowledge can be easily gained if you are motivated by love. The main reason why we are here is because God loves us through his son Jesus Christ which he showed the true meaning of an everlasting love.

If you could only pick one, would you rather have Unlimited Wealth, Immeasurable Knowledge, or Everlasting Love?

The answer is Everlasting Love.

The story written above is my true love story that the traveller is now living with a fruits of an everlasting love.

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Saturday, 20 February 2016


Merong isang teacher na pina-drawing sa mga estudyante niya ang mga pangarap nila pag lumaki na sila. Halos lahat sa mga estudyante ay nag-drawing ng teacher, doctor, abogado, bumbero, at piloto. Tuwang-tuwa ang teacher habang tinitignan ang mga gawa ng mga estudyante niya pero may isang drawing na umagaw nang atensyon ng teacher at ito ang pinaka-kakaiba sa lahat. Isang drawing ng bukid na may malaking bahay sa gitna at maraming hayop sa paligid.

Tinawag ng teacher ang nag-drawing nito at tinanong kung bakit ito ang drawing niya. Ang sabi ng bata, pangarap ko po kasing magkaroon ng isang malaking-malaking bukid na maraming hayop, ang tatay at lolo ko po kasi ay nag-tatrabaho lang sa bukid ng ibang tao, kaya gusto ko pong magkaroon nang isang bagay na gusto rin nila pero hindi nila naabot. 

Ang sabi ng teacher sa bata, ang sabi ko pangarap, hindi panaginip. Papano ka magkakaroon ng isang malaking bukid, eh ang tatay mo ay magsasaka lang; ang lolo mo magsasaka din; at ang lolo ng lolo mo ay magsasaka din. Ang pangarap ay isang bagay na posible mong maabot, pero kung ang pangarap mo ay magkaroon ng isang bukid, hindi yan mangyayari dahil ilang henerasyon na kayong magsasaka. Gusto kong palitan mo ang drawing mo at gawin mong mas makatotohanan. Tingnan mo si Juan gustong maging doctor; tignan mo si Pedro, gustong maging abogado; at tignan mo si Maria, gustong maging teacher. Ipasa mo sa akin bukas ang drawing mo at gusto ko ay iba na ang drawing (pangarap) mo dahil kung hindi ay ibabagsak kita! Malungkot na umuwi ang bata at tinitignan ang drawing niya. 

Nang makita niya ang tatay niya ay agad siyang nagsumbong dito. Tay, pinag-drawing kami ng teacher namin kanina ng pangarap namin pero sabi niya ay palitan ko raw ang pangarap ko kasi magsasaka lang daw ang tatay ko at lolo ko; pati ang lolo ng lolo ko magsasaka lang kaya hindi daw ako pwedeng magkaroon ng pangarap ko.

Bakit anak, ano ba yung pangarap mo? Gusto ko pong magkaroon ng isang malaking bukid na maraming hayop at may malaking bahay sa gitna, pero ayaw niyang tanggapin kasi hindi daw ito mangyayari. Kung hindi ko daw po papalitan yung drawing (pangarap) ko ay ibabagsak niya ako. Alam mo anak, ang sabi ng teacher mo ay pangarap mo, hindi ang pangarap niya para sa’yo. Kung ano ang sa tingin mo ay gusto mo at sa tingin mo ay kaya mong gawin, ituloy mo. Tandaan mo palagi anak na hindi pwedeng ibang tao ang magbigay sa’yo ng pangarap mo dahil bawat isa sa atin ay may sari-sariling pag-iisip. Hindi pwedeng sabihin ng ibang tao na hindi mo magagawa ang isang bagay; ang makakapag-sabi lang niyan ay ang sarili mo mismo. Kung ano man ang maging desisyon mo ay ikaw ang bahala dahil wala ako sa posisyon para idikta sa’yo ang gusto mong maging paglaki mo. Nasayo ang desisyon kung papalitan mo ang pangarap mo o hindi dahil lang sa sinabi ng ibang tao na hindi ito posibleng mangyari. 

Pagpasok pa lang ng bata ay hinanap na ng teacher yung pina-drawing niya at ibinigay naman ito ng bata. Nang tignan ng teacher yung drawing ng bata ay lalo siyang nagalit dahil walang nagbago sa drawing nung bata. Nandun parin yung bahay at maraming hayop sa paligid ng bukid. Ang sabi ng teacher ng bata; Sinusubukan mo ba talaga ako? Hindi ba’t sabi ko sa’yo ay baguhin mo yung drawing mo dahil kung hindi ay ibabagsak kita? Gusto mo bang ibagsak na kita ngayon? Bibigyan pa kita ng isang pagkakataon na baguhin mo ang drawing na ito, pero pag ito hindi mo pa rin bina.... (hindi na pinatapos ng bata ang sasabihin ng teacher at sumagot siya rito); Teacher, kung gusto mo akong ibagsak, ibagsak mo ako. Pero hinding-hindi ko isusuko ang pangarap ko para sa sarili ko dahil lang sa sinabi mong hindi ko ito magagawa. 

Makalipas ang dalawampung taon ay may grupo ng bata na nagkaroon ng field trip sa isang bukid. Halos karamihan sa mga bata ay tuwang-tuwa dahil sa laki ng bukid na nakita nila. Syempre kasama nila yung teacher nila at siya yung teacher nung bata na pinabago yung drawing dahil sa hindi daw ito posibleng mangyari. Pagbaba nung teacher sa bus ay biglang may tumawag sa kanya… teacher! teacher! habang patakbong lumalapit ang isang lalaki na may matikas na pangangatawan.

Teacher, natatandaan mo pa ba ako? Tinitigan lang ng teacher yung lalaki at kinikilala kung sino ba siya. Ako yung bata noon na pinag-drawing mo ng pangarap ko… ito yung drawing ko noon na sabi mo ay hindi mangyayari, sabay turo sa bukid. Nang maalala ng teacher ay may biglang kumurot sa kanyang dibdib at dahan-dahang pumatak ang luha niya. Ang sabi niya sa lalaki, alam mo, 20 years na akong nagtuturo sa mga bata at marami akong nakitang mga katulad mo na ang drawing o pangarap nila ay mga imposible para sa akin kaya pinapabago ko sa kanila ang mga drawing nila. Halos lahat sila ay binabago ang drawing at ikaw lang ang nanindigan sa pangarap mo. 

Ang tagal ko nang nagtuturo pero marami na pala akong mga pangarap na sinira, buti na lang at pinaglaban mo ang pangarap mo.

This story sent by a friend. Credit to the Author of this article (, I don't know if this is a real story.

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

How to find a mentor?

The increasing awareness of many Pinoys in the stock market proportionately increasing the number of gurus, teachers and mentors in this field. The question is: how to find the right mentor?

There are 3 important tips:

1. Walk his talk. He should be applying in his portfolio the strategy his teaching. If he recommended a stock, he should also bought it at the same price as he recommended. A mentor is not thinking of his own gain.

2. Credibility. He proved something in his field. A title can be a measure but not the main consideration. You are trusting your future retirement, it's like asking a Doctor for the right medicine. Check his background.

3. His there all the time. A good example is real estate agents, usually after they get the commissions they disappear. Whether the market is green or red he will never leave you. His focus is not money but serving others.

Looking forward to your successful journey. 

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz 
Newbie Mentor 
P.S. This is an inspiring article written about my journey

Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Power of Compounding Interest Against You!

Compounding interest is the eighth wonder of the world, he who understands it, earns it. He who does n't pays it. Albert Einstein

Rich people used this formula to become rich and let their money grows and work for them. 

Poor people used the compounding interests against them such as taking personal loans, car loans, mortgage loans and credit card loans which charge more than 10% interest.

Here is a real life example from my colleagues. She borrowed 9000 pesos in her credit card from EW in 2009, after 7 years the outstanding balance ballooned :

The good thing, EW launched an amnesty program and ask her to pay only 15,932.02 pesos. The interest can double or triple your principal amount which is what we called "Compounding Interest Against You". 

There are 3 important learning on this situation;

First, Pay your debts on time. Avoid interest and penalties accumulation especially those with high principal amounts. Let the compounding interest work on your side not on the other way around.

Second, Budgeting. Spend within your limits. Many Pinoys have a lifestyle of one day millionaire (include myself) every time you have extras, it's already allocated for a new shoes, cinema, branded clothes etc. etc.
Why not invest your extras or put it on your retirement funds?

Third, Take advantage of the power of compounding interest. The earlier you start, the higher potential return you will get. Check financial investments that will suits you. On the other hand, here is a real life example of compounding from Mutual Fund King, Alfonso Gonzales, 300k turned 4M in 2014:

My goal is to share financial education and I would like to see you living in financial freedom.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Do you recommend trading in the stock market?

I experienced to be a full time trader in Philippine stock exchange in late 2013 -2014, every trade is a deeper analysis of stock. I used to wake up early in the morning around 3:00 am due to time difference from Norway.

The truth, it was a great adventure but lots of effort and hardwork to earn from each trades. It is a mindset game. I received a lot of question, if I still doing it "Nope" because I move to a Family life in UAE. I shift focus now and created a different strategy.

Do you recommend trading in the stock market?

My Answer is NO with "IF", why?

First, Time. You need to check if you have enough time especially if you are working as an employee. It is not possible to hide in toilet just to check your portfolios.

Second, Knowledge. If you don't have knowledge in technical analysis, then it will be a waste of money. Chart and indicators will not work in a bearish market or in a downtrend. Indicators will always show an oversold condition and a buy signal in which can push you to buy and be "IPIT".

Third, Volume. If you don't have enough volume, it's not worth it. At least 6 figures capital in each trade. It should be an extra money not needed for a short term.

If you have the "IF" time, knowledge and volume then "YES". Enjoy and have fun.

What do you recommend as a strategy for 2016?

Long term or value investing. This is the right time to pick a stock that is undervalued and can give potential returns in the future. Be cautious and don't follow anyone instead follow your heart.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

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