Monday, 11 January 2016

What is the right strategy in a downtrend?

I keep receiving inquiries about strategy for 2016 in the stock market. There is no good or bad strategy, if you have proper education in this field.

Global financial crisis is the trend in the forecast predictions by financial analysts. George Soros and Robert Kiyosaki foresee stock market crash and global financial crisis this year 2016.

I have few special advise to focus for 2016;

First; Budget. Keeping yourself on the right track with your expenses and income will help you to have extras for savings and investments.

Second; Increase your cashflows. This might be difficult especially if you have full time job. Doing extra on the sidelines and getting promotion, definitely will add to your cash flows.

Third; Stick to your PAM. As PAMers official chat room recommendations "sabay sabay tayo mag watch ng ups and downs". Sticking to your plans from the start and identifying your identity as investors and traders will help you stick to it.

Fourth; Believed that this year is a year of Prosperity. Having a right mindset and achieving your dreams for 2016 will be number one strategy.

Fifth; Keep investing whether bearish or bullish.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor

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