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Steps to Filipino Financial Freedom

As I travel this morning to work, I'm reading book of Chinkee Tan, Till Debt Do Us Part, I want to share with you his Six Sequential Investment Strategies to Financial Independence but I will call it, Six Steps to Financial Freedom and share my opinion on those steps;

First, Get Out of Debt. It starts with clearing your debts. Face it, many Filipinos are buried with debts due to spending habits whether small or big amount "PAY IT". "It is in our willingness to pay".

Second, Set Aside Budget for 1 to 2 Months Emergency Funds. If you are earning 15000, then you should have 30000 in your savings account. This is called restricted funds and should be use for emergency ONLY. Start building your emergency funds.

Third, Set Aside Another Budget for 3 to 6 months Long Term Savings.  From example above then you should have 90 000 long term savings in a time deposit or bonds that can earn a higher interest compared to savings account. The importance of 2nd and 3rd steps ar…

Pay back your Utang!!!

Utang or debt is a very important lesson that you need to understand to achieve financial freedom. To have a financial freedom, you should have a debt free life. Don't bury yourself with credit card debts or personal loans.

Reasons Why you cannot get out of debt:

First, "You are Spending more than what you are Earning", it means you are living above your means as the popular advice of financial advisors "Live below your means" but many are not following this advice. The attractive promos of credit card companies with 10 - 20% cash back every time you spend, it makes you blind on interest rates, service charges, and penalties for late payments.

Second,  "Hindi ka IN kung wala kang Latest Gadgets", there is a long queu line on Apple stores every time they released a new version of iPhone, I lost my count on the versions of iPhone. The peer pressure and media advertisements  (special offers, no down payment, zero interest rates) push you to spend and take …

Start building your own Business NOW

Why do you work abroad?
I want to give brighter future for my family and save for my retirement.
What are you going to do after working abroad?
I'm going to start my own business.
This is a usual conversation of OFW's, after years in abroad most of them will start their own business. High percentage of failures are happening to start up businesses and some will end up going back abroad.

There are 5 signs that will give you an idea that you are ready to start your own business:
1. Knowledge . You need to be knowledgeable on the field to start a business. For example; Start a restaurant what if you don't know anything but only eating and your past experience are on HR administration. The right step is to read books, attend food tasting and seminars to have an idea of what is the trend in the industry.

2. Capital . Enough capital. You need to build a foundation of your finances. You should have enough savings for emergency, pension funds, health insurance, life insurance, and …

Getting Out of Debt

"Utang, Pagkakuha ng Suweldo, Bayad Utang.
Pagkabayad Utang! Dahil Kulang Ulit,
Utang! Pagkakuha ng Suweldo, Bayad Utang.
Pagkabayad Utang! Kulang! Paulit ulit -lang.
                                                           - Chinkee Tan

Unending debt cycle. Getting out of debt is the first step in achieving financial freedom. You should work out on your debt status before starting to invest in different financial instruments. Probably you will say that there is a good debt and bad debt, Yes but debt is debt.

It can start at a very small amount of loan or credit card consumption. This debt can build overtime then it will become a mountain that cannot be move. This is a place where everyone fall into trap.

Here are my tips on how to handle debts:

First, Pay all the debts slowly but surely. There is no point of adding additional debts if you still have an existing one.

Second, Look for a lower interest rates. If you have an existing debts, try to look for a bank that can purchase …

Steps on Creating Monthly Passive Income

Everyone wants to live a life free of financial worries, I keep trying to venture with different businesses, sidelines, hustle, etc. etc. I worked in real estate 4 years ago and today claiming the fruits of my hardwork.

I received my unclaimed commissions from May to Sept 2016 in my previous real estate deals.

I would like to share with you tips and my personal experience in achieving my goals of  creating passive income of 1M PHP monthly. 
I'm on my way to achieve this goal, it was tough there are many challenges and trials along the way but I keep standing and  focusing on the goal.
Here are few steps to follow:
1. Find your strength. Don't focus on your weaknesses instead make your strength to be at a world class standard. For example ; I worked as a Financial Controller, I keep improving myself in fundamental analysis, reinforce my education and  credibility (I recently passed the CPA Board Exam).
2. Create New Ideas. Think of something different that can solve somebody&#…

Create a SMART Goals !!!

Everyone creates goal but not everyone make it SMART:

S - Specific
M- Measurable
A - Attainable
R - Relevant
T- Time Bound

Goal should be Specific.I want to achieve Financial Freedom, this is very vague, instead I want to hit 1 Million PHP Passive Income Monthly by June 2017.

The goal can be Measured thru numbers, results and outcomes. You can execute a plan to hit the goals. How can you hit the 1 Million Goal Passive Income?

Goal can be Attained. Attainable thru action steps or plans. Start creating money machines and take small steps toward the achievement of 1 Million Passive Income. Start a blog, invest on stocks, and mutual funds etc. etc.

Goal should be Relevant. Some questions that you need to answer, Is your current work relevant to your goals? Is it pushing you to the right path to your goals?

Goal should be Time bound. Do you have a set deadline? Is it possible to achieve on the set timeline? Are you following the required steps to achieve the set goals?

If you don't have a …

Bad Debts VS. Good Debts

Bad debt is debt that makes you poorer, such as credit card debt, car loans, and more. This is the type of debt used to buy liabilities.
Good debt is debt that makes you richer, such as a loan for investment property or to purchase equipment for your business that will make you a return. This is the type of debt that is used to buy assets.
Personal loans, business loans, consumer loans, car loans, student loans, mortgage, credit card loans etc. etc. At some point of our lives we are buried with BAD DEBTS or GOOD DEBTS, frankly speaking, I myself been into the bottom. My student loans, personal loans, credit card loans piled up in the past.
I'm thankful that I'm almost cleared with those loans and getting clean. The truth, I only took loans for necessary things and for emergency purposes and good reasons.
Here are some of my  "GOOD DEBTS" ;
First, Student Loans for my "Master's Degree". This is not an easy decisions to pursue a Master's Degree especia…

Wasted Time = Wasted Money

I'm trying to be productive and manage time wisely, as they said "TIME IS GOLD" but in reality "TIME IS MONEY". Probably you are working full-time 9 - 5 hours worked, received monthly paycheck according to hours worked. Sometimes, you are working extra hours and get paid for overtime.

Of course, there a lot of interruptions that cut your time such as facebook notifications, email alerts, browsing and navigating in the net, more or less it will be equivalent of 1 hour or more in  a day. Try to cut the wasted time instead spend it for quality time:

Here are some activities that cost us money:

1. Gossip meeting. Only attend meetings that are necessary, if you are working in an organization that focuses on teamwork, you will have at least 3 meetings in a week. Check the agenda of the meetings before attending, probably less time will be wasted or ask your secretary to attend the meeting if your presence are not necessary.

2. Reading news. If you are reading the ne…

Wasted Time = Wasted Money

I'm trying to be productive and manage time wisely, as they said "TIME IS GOLD" but in reality "TIME IS MONEY". Probably you are working full-time 9 - 5 hours worked, received monthly paycheck according to hours worked. Sometimes, you are working extra hours and get paid for overtime.

Of course, there a lot of interruptions that cut your time such as facebook notifications, email alerts, browsing and navigating in the net, more or less it will be equivalent of 1 hour or more in  a day. Try to cut the wasted time instead spend it for quality time:

Here are some activities that cost us money:

1. Gossip meeting. Only attend meetings that are necessary, if you are working in an organization that focuses on teamwork, you will have at least 3 meetings in a week. Check the agenda of the meetings before attending, probably less time will be wasted or ask your secretary to attend the meeting if your presence are not necessary.

2. Reading news. If you are reading the ne…

5 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

I keep  looking at ways on making money without exerting too much effort, the two key words "Passive Income". I want a lifestyle that I can have cashflows overflowing in my bank account. There is no need for me to work fulltime, I can spend more time with my family and travel the world. Probably this goal will take longer than 5 years from now.

I'm trying to work on these 5 money machines and targeting to exceed my monthly fulltime income:

Here are 5 ways to make money while at sleep:

1. Starting a blog. Find a niche and start creating a quality content for readers that can be turn into paying customers. You can set up a free blog site at blogger and wordpress. My 2 weeks blogsite that I'm working out right now that there will be a potential passive income:

2. Create Digital Products. It can be an ebooks, newsletter, guide and online courses. The trend in publishing is promote yourself or self-publish. I wrote few ebooks in PDF fi…

Abundance Now!!!

I believed everyone can have abundance in their lives. We can amplify our lives and achieve prosperity today.

I'm reading the book of Lisa Nichols and Janet Switzer -Abundance Now, I would like to share with you the formula of getting rich. Again, this is not a "get rich quick scheme" but a tried and true formula for amassing substantial wealth over time.

Here is the summary:

1. Write a budget  that tells you every month where your money should be spent. Include savings and investments- in any amount - as just another expense you pay along with your groceries, rent and electric bill. If you need a budgeting app, here is the link .

2. Get Out of Debt. Pay off your smallest debt first, then apply that now-available debt payment toward paying off larger debts.  Keep going until you have zero debt- except for your mortgage(and many people pay that off too). Get rid of excessive credit cards except on…

1M Loss Due to Hype

I would like to give my opinion to a newbie who recently posts his portfolio in IPSM.

As per his posts;
He said,  this is his only money left for retirement, and he recently started last June 2016 in which index is at a high level 7800. He lost already 1 M thru following hyped stocks and took  risky moves, I believed his trading for a short term gains and trying to get a piece of pie very quick. 
To be honest this is a dangerous move especially if you are already on your retirement age. This money on his account can be wiped out easily. He should handle this money in a cautious way.
How will I manage the remaining 3.8 M pesos left on this account?
If he is receiving a monthly pension, no problem with house rent, no dependent, secured with health and life insurance, I will say nothing to worry about and start to fix the problems today. But if you don't have any of these then reflect and plan today.
First, Pull out 6 months of living expenses in the portfolio and put it on 6 months…

Tested Strategies for Saving 10k

Newbie mentor is back. I took holiday on blogging, investing, trading, and building passive income. Starting today, I will write and share again about the basics of saving, investing and building passive income while living a life of freedom.
Everyone asking about saving and investing;
How to save 20% of your monthly income? How to invest for retirement funds? How to enjoy life while living frugally?
I have five strategies to share and these are easy to follow;
1. Keep a record of your daily expenses. You will not be able to save, if you don't know your spending. Probably, you have a fixed income monthly and set a budget for rent, utilities, food, etc. etc. Try to look at where to cut your expenses, for example : TFC subscription ( no need for it, now everything is available online or change for a better package).
2. Look for special offers. There are  lots of 2 for 1 offers in different websites Cobone, Groupon, Zomato etc. etc. This applies in shopping and groceries, alert your…

Creating a Lifestyle with Passive Income

I keep receiving inquiries about stock markets, blogging, mutual funds, investments and Google apps, the truth I diverted my attention to family life and finishing my unfinish dreams. It's quite a while that I did not write anything in this blog, to my avid readers thank you for keeping in touch.

I would like to share with you, what happen with my passive income in the past months? More or less still receiving 50 -to 70k.

Again, to define passive income earnings derived from rental properties, dividends, and investments with little effort required or not being materially involved.

Property rentals, if you will remember I'm renting out my units in AIRBNB, so I decided to take it out from the site and rent it for long term. Now, it's rented for one year without the need for me to updates the AIRBNB site and communicate with the potential tenants everyday.

I stopped trading stocks, it's taking a lot of my  time  instead I change strategy thru earnings from Dividends:


How to save yourself from losing in the stock market?

The market is on a range of 7200 - 7600 level, the next possible resistance is at 7800 level that keeps our heart beating fast especially if you are day trading. There is always a chance of gaining good amount and losing at the same time. The Du30 presidency push a positive index and trust by the investors in our economy for the next 6 years. The FED rates stability policy to be on sideways add the positive momentum.

The main question, I keep receiving from newbies: How to save yourself from losing in the stock market?

Let me try to answer this question based from my experience.

First, Excitement. If a friend will show his portfolio in a green mode, you will be convinced that "There is a big bucks on Trading", on the other hand, the loss is big before he achieved that green port. It will take time to master a specific strategy and start earning a good amount. Newbies beware not everyone will show their true portfolios, usually the loss will be at the back of green portfolios…

10 Important Life Lessons Learned in the past 32 years

At age 32, I'm celebrating the goodness of this life, it's time to reflect on the past. There are life lessons that could only be learned at this age and probably many of you are journeying with me on the same boat.

I want to share with you life lessons that you might want to experience  in a different or same way:

1. Health. Take care of your health. At young age, I was diagnosed with Arithmia or irregular beating of the heart, I don't know how it happened maybe because of my lifestyle. I drink lots of coffee, started drinking at young age and worked very hard at age 17. Now, I minimized those unhealthy stuff and decided to take the challenge of losing weight.

2.Working Hard. I don't recommend to work hard instead work smart. A good example of this is answering emails at a specified time of the day, 8:30 - 9:00 AM and 4:00 - 4:30 PM, it is not good to check emails every 15 minutes, it will not add to your productivity. Focus on the most important tasks of the day.


How to buy stock at a bottom price?

Every newbie should learn how to buy a stock. Once received the account number and password, don't fund it unless you already studied a specific stock. Check your emergency funds if you have enough and invest only the extra.

I fund my daughter's account a month ago and still a buying power on my account. The last time I bought a stock was 3 months ago and take note 14% gains in 3 months (not bad other stock newsletter 12% is their minimum on their recos).

Today, I'm using the above buying power to buy a stock ;

How to buy a stock at bottom price?
1. Lower than 52 weeks low. 2. Oversold Level. 3. Hit by bad news but fundamentals not affected.
Disclaimer: this strategy is only based on Newbie Mentor experience in the market.
Good luck and happy hunting for stocks at bottom price.
Sincerely yours,
P.S. For those interested for passive income online course, here is the link:

FNI Buhos

Trading is not a game. A thorough study and technical analysis of a chosen stock should be part of everyday living to gain hands on experience. I don't recommend to newbies to jump on this unchartered waters.

If you are newbie in this field, I recommend 3 important tips:

First, Learn a specific strategy. It will depend on your personality and available time. If you are willing to risks a big amount of your capital then trading might be for you, if you don't have enough time and capital, then value investing will be the right strategy.

Second, Don't follow the crowd. If there is a noise then stay calm and keep quiet. This is the way I manage the PAM Chat room, I only share if there is an important information. Thanks to those active members on the FB chat room.

Third, Don't be greedy. 20% gains in a day is not bad, if momentum stays then keep it for another 2 days. Set you target exit point or target price, once hit stick to it and grab the bucks. Don't look back agai…

Life will continuously knock you down

This life is full of surprises. It can give tears or smiles. The death of a loved ones or the birth of a child. The termination on job or promotions. The failing on an exam or passing it. Whatever life brings onto your life, what matters is on how you respond and get up in every knockdown.
What I have learned in every knockdown?
1. Stay true to your passion. If you are passionate on your job, just continuously move on that track.It seems like you don't have the success but fruits usually to be harvest after all the planting. Wait for the right seasons.
2. Giving up is not an option. There will be times that you will feel down and it's like everyone is against you. Just think about the electric light bulb inventor, Thomas Edison , he quote I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
3. Don't think short term but long term. Every decisions should be made for a better future not for a short term gain. This applies to stock market newbies, they used to …

A Special Gift to My Little Fairy

Life is full of surprises and blessings. Enjoy fruits of your labor. Spend time with your loved ones. Earn more and give more. Dance with your wife. Play with your children. Be productive at your job. Be a friend to everyone. Spread the love. Those are gifts from our Heavenly Father.

I'm writing this article as a Father. After a year that my baby was born, full of trials, challenges, ups and downs, victories and failures. I realized that I was given a gift of life, to be a Father and care for a small little cute fairy.

The realization that every moment and time spent with my baby daughter is a precious gift. At her first month, every time that I hold her, she cry, I'm afraid that I will not be able to take care of her and raise her as a loving daughter. A step by step process of growing and developing herself with special guidance of my loving and wonderful wife. Now at her first year, she always shout my name "ATA", "ATA" for Athan.
Yesterday, I asks her,…

A Simple Rich Guide

Who wants to become rich? This is a question of a priest during the mass I attended years back in Norway and from the audience no one raised their hands except "ME".

Many are afraid  to show to the world their dreams of becoming rich. The first step is to accept that you have a desire of becoming rich. Rich in my context is not only usual measurement which is size of bank account instead rich in 6 aspects of living, Spiritually, Family, Relationship, Health, Finances, and Community.

This post is to share with you a simple rich guide in your Finances;

First, Automatic savings. You will not be able to invests unless you know how to save. Saving at least 20% of your income monthly will give a better future.

Make this habit automatic, set aside 20% from your paycheck and put it into investment account. Check out this budgeting app for alert notifications of overbudget;

Second, Spend less and Earn More. This step …

Basic Tips on Building Passive Income

Passive income is an income received in a regular basis with little effort required to maintain it. - Wikipedia
Having one source of income is dangerous, every OFW's should start building sideline business because economic uncertainty and unstable financial situations can have a big impact on your future. You can start analyzing the trend and check your strengths that could be compatible to your target passive income source.
At the moment, I'm focusing on building apps, rental properties and blogging. The good thing, results is amazing. I received a regular monthly income minimum of 50k combined those different sources. This amount should be reinvested monthly on other financial instruments to balance my portfolio.
Few tips;
First, Know your strength and use your skills. You should develop a skill. For example, if you are good in cooking, you might want to start selling cookies, muffins, skinless longganiza etc. etc.
Second, Be different and have a USP. Unique Selling Point is …

A Contract To An Everlasting Love

"Love is all that matters, faithful and forever, keeping us together, love is all we need".

As the song goes, love matters  in our daily lives, everyone wants to be loved, many are searching  for an everlasting love and once found they believed that love can be forever. While others trying to achieve unlimited wealth, and continuously gain immeasurable knowledge, I'm in the middle of nowhere searching for my everlasting love.
At Oslo central station, he met the destiny. A lady waiting on a bench for her train caught his attention, she approached and started a conversation, it only took 15 minutes of their time to understand each other's intention to play friends with benefits.
She was a conservative  "probinsyana type" of girl that is a full of life. Simple yet vulnerable lady who was learning to bloom and discovering herself in many things and finding it on other side of the world in Norway.
He was a traveller. A business minded bachelor and a Chef at the…


Merong isang teacher na pina-drawing sa mga estudyante niya ang mga pangarap nila pag lumaki na sila. Halos lahat sa mga estudyante ay nag-drawing ng teacher, doctor, abogado, bumbero, at piloto. Tuwang-tuwa ang teacher habang tinitignan ang mga gawa ng mga estudyante niya pero may isang drawing na umagaw nang atensyon ng teacher at ito ang pinaka-kakaiba sa lahat. Isang drawing ng bukid na may malaking bahay sa gitna at maraming hayop sa paligid.

Tinawag ng teacher ang nag-drawing nito at tinanong kung bakit ito ang drawing niya. Ang sabi ng bata, pangarap ko po kasing magkaroon ng isang malaking-malaking bukid na maraming hayop, ang tatay at lolo ko po kasi ay nag-tatrabaho lang sa bukid ng ibang tao, kaya gusto ko pong magkaroon nang isang bagay na gusto rin nila pero hindi nila naabot. 
Ang sabi ng teacher sa bata, ang sabi ko pangarap, hindi panaginip. Papano ka magkakaroon ng isang malaking bukid, eh ang tatay mo ay magsasaka lang; ang lolo mo magsasaka din; at ang lolo ng lolo mo…

How to find a mentor?

The increasing awareness of many Pinoys in the stock market proportionately increasing the number of gurus, teachers and mentors in this field. The question is: how to find the right mentor?
There are 3 important tips:
1. Walk his talk. He should be applying in his portfolio the strategy his teaching. If he recommended a stock, he should also bought it at the same price as he recommended. A mentor is not thinking of his own gain.
2. Credibility. He proved something in his field. A title can be a measure but not the main consideration. You are trusting your future retirement, it's like asking a Doctor for the right medicine. Check his background.
3. His there all the time. A good example is real estate agents, usually after they get the commissions they disappear. Whether the market is green or red he will never leave you. His focus is not money but serving others.
Looking forward to your successful journey. 
Sincerely yours,
Jonathan Ruiz  Newbie Mentor  P.S. This is an inspiring article w…