Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Why you need to feel the pain in investing?

" Kailangan niyang masaktan para malaman niyang buhay sya." ( She needs to feel the pain, for her to know that she is alive).

A hugot line from the movie Ex with Benefits when Dee's telling the story to Arki how she suffered birth complications of not crying during the delivery.

Newborn babies should cry immediately after birth to get oxygen or else it will suffer a complications on the brain. 

It is synonymous to our journey to financial freedom, we are going to suffer from different levels of pain to be successful;

1. Working hard now and reap the benefits later. It could mean getting promotions, working overtime, and hustling on your business to take more cash into your pocket.

2. Delay gratification. Drinking 3 in 1 instead of coffee from Starbucks. Taking the bus or car lift instead of driving. Small things that could give extra savings.

3. Studying and reading books. Discipline yourself from being online every 30 mins instead spending time reading books related to your field that could add expertise and will help you get ahead.

4. Automatic debit to your savings account. The first notification after receiving your salary. It will discipline you living on your budget.

5. Diversification. Minimize your risk by spreading your capital into different investments. Check your risk appetite.

Do you feel the same pain?

It means you are in the last steps to your journey to financial freedom.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

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