Sunday, 20 December 2015

What is your ideal retirement?

Retirement - the act of leaving one's job and ceasing to work, giving up work, stopping work. As wikipedia defined it, a point where a person stops employment completely.

This is a goal of every Filipino OFW's to stop working abroad and go home to spend time with their families back in the Philippines.This is the time that you don't need to work and received money from your pension plans, government (SSS), retirement funds etc. etc, This is the ideal meaning of retirement for most of us.

I have done mini retirement in the past, I did n't worked for 8 months and depend on my passive income sources:  but recently joined a start up company in UAE. I experienced retirement for a short period of time and now,

I made a concrete plans for my next retirement.

First, I will have more than enough money to spend for extra leisure such as travelling, eating at finest restaurants, donating more on charities and foundation.

Second, I will collect money from my passive income sources and rental properties.

Third, I will continue developing apps and start more business ventures.

Fourth, I will spend time with my wife travelling and enjoying company of my grand kids.

Fifth, I will continue teaching, mentoring, helping and sharing blessings to others.

Retirement will not be equivalent to stopping completely instead continuously working on my passion.

How about you? What will be your adventure during retirement?

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz
Newbie Mentor

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