Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Important Lessons in Closing Year 2015

It's time to closed the books of year 2015 and open the year 2016. There are a lot of great things happened in my personal life that will be a part of my life story and memories that I could share to my grand kids in the future.

Join me to closed the Year 2015 and let's open the year 2016 with a BANG!!!

First, I renewed my Faith to God, one of the hardest because of many factors such as my past, career, hurts, failures and ambitions. I realized that his with me "All the Time", every moment that I'm falling rock bottom, he will push me to stand up again. Start the year 2016 to work out your spiritual relationship.

Second, I moved from Norway to UAE. I'm used to moving from one country to another, this is a very special moved because for the reason of reunification with my wife. A bonus received "A Lovely Baby  Daughter, Athena".

Third, Family that prays together, stays together. Prayer is a very powerful tool, miracle can happen to any member of your family especially if you pray with good intentions."I personally seen different miracles this year 2015". My father's heart problem and health issues (MRI results negative) , wifey's early delivery of baby (weeks completed and delivered normally), many more...

Fourth, Manager or a Leader. I started working as a Manager of Coffee shop chain in Dubai. The truth my job offer is Financial Controller but I noticed that there are a lot of things to fix in the operations so I covered the operations and finance department. I act as a leader not a manager, you will earn more respect, yesterday "I received a special gift from my colleagues, "Sir pasensya na po, heto lang na kayanan namin" (Lol a branded long sleeves).Teary eyed, because I thought they gave me a tag as a "Terminator". By the way, I terminated at least 7 staffs in few months. I will be more considerate this year 2016.

Fifth, PAM Academy. An online learning platform that keeps giving recognition to my advocacy to educate and spread financial literacy to OFW's around the world. "Sir pwede ba kitang maging mentor?" this is a usual FB and email messages everyday. I'm planning to give this academy free for everyone in Year 2016  . My focus for 2016 is to continuously developed different applications for stock market like PAM PSE TRACKER and budgeting apps iProsper . I was able to organized a great team of developers.

Sixth, Money Matters. I monetized my blogs this year 2015, nominated in different awards  and created passive income. I also able to rent out my condos. Money is easy to earn if you have an abundance mindset and work hard for it. Money will overflows.

Seventh, Connect More. I been active in social media especially facebook to connect to long lost friends and family members. Year 2016 will be the same but more on productive post and I will focus on writing books. (I'm a desperate author and received criticisms with my grammar but that is a good motivation). In 2015, I was able self published

Eight, Health. I gained weight due to sedentary job and food tasting every week of 2015. For year 2016, I will lessen meat and more on vegetables. I will start my miracle morning by jogging, meditation and reading more books especially accounting books as preparation to achieve my unfinish CPA dream.

For year 2016, I want to be a better version of myself as a Father, Leader, Friend, Entrepreneur, Writer, Blogger, and Accountant.




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