Thursday, 31 December 2015

How to avoid 2015 money mistakes?

Every yearend we prepare new year's resolution but most people they don't include money, the results same money mistake and same financial difficulties.

I would like to share with you, how to avoid 2015 money mistakes;

First; Financial plan. Planning your finances, know where you going to put your extra income and maximize your savings. How much will be the total value of your stocks portfolio? What will be the sideline business to start?

Second; Budget. Create a monthly budget. This will take 10 minutes of your time but many OFWs don't really appreciate the art of budgeting. To help you on this part, here is the link for budgeting app;

Third; Keep your spending low. Don't catch up with joneses. Many high income earners spend even more than their paycheck. A fishball vendor have more savings than those holding blue collar jobs. It is not how much you earn but how much you save.

Fourth; Ignoring small fees. There are small expenses that we usually ignore such as credit card charges, late penalties of monthly amortization, overdue payments etc. etc. Beware of those because if you sum up it will be equivalent to 20% of yearly expenses.

Fifth; Saving for a storm. Build your funds in different buckets especially emergency funds. Better to be prepared for unexpected.

Have a Prosperous Year 2016!!!

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz 
Newbie Mentor 

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