Saturday, 31 October 2015

Why I live below my means?

Live below your means is a famous advice of financial advisors but the problem is the application of this quote.

I learned to live below my means especially that I have a 7 months old baby daughter and my recent turnover of another condominium property.

I have 3 tips that will help you to live below your means without suffering from your lifestyle:

First, Buy with a special discounts. Toiletries such as colgate, shampoos, razor blades, and other food products. Buy those things with longer expiration and can be store for a long period of time in bulk with special discounts.

Second, Buy one take one. I bought a new shoe with additional slipper. It's not possible to avoid our wants in life, there is always a way to get it. Work extra hours or do a sideline business. I received a commissions from a previous sales and I used the money to buy a new shoes.

Third, Earn points and redeem it. Get all the loyalty cards and promotions. For example entertainer vouchers of eating 2 for 1 meal in your favorite restaurant, it can save a good amount. Bookstore loyalty card, after you bought a good numbers of book and earn points, you can now buy a book for free.

The main reason why we should live below our means is to prepare for our retirement and brighter future of our kids.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
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