Thursday, 8 October 2015

Investing Mistakes Can Be Costly

"Invest only the Excess Money on the Stock Market". Financial Advisor

You consider yourself value investor and for long term, you believe that the chosen stock can give high returns and potential 100% earnings in the future. The truth, it could be on the other way around.

Committing mistakes on this battlefield can be costly especially the extra money will be alloted to future retirement or educational fund of your kids. Why do newbie investors keep making mistakes over and over again.


Because newbie buy blu chips at a high price.

Blu chips stock are not a guarantee that you are not going to suffer from losses, if you buy at it's high then you can be "IPIT" for a long time and keep averaging to lessen the percentage loss. A good example URC hit as high as 234 then as of today at 194, What is a better price at 167 or 200 price?

Because newbie follows facebook forum gurus.

Buy FNI, it will soon rebounce then everybody entered at 2 PHP hoping that FOO will materialize at a higher price. FNI price as of today is 0.91, probably many newbies losing at least 50% because of the hype of gurus.

Because newbie loves trading.

The ticker makes you excited and keep pushing you to trade. It does n't mean that you should jump even without enough knowledge in technical analysis. Newbie should love their capital so they will not lose it.

"Invest only the Passive Income in the Stock Market and Grow It."- Newbie Mentor

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