Sunday, 18 October 2015

How to grow your Stock Market Knowledge?

Losing hard earned money in the stock market is not a myth. There is an inherent risks. There will be winners and losers, buyers and sellers, red and green, down and up, victories and failures, positive and negative and there is no neutral place no matter what, you will still lose in commissions and fees.

What are the strategy to grow your knowledge in the stock market?

1. Read books, blogs and newspapers. If you are planning to be a value investor and dreaming of becoming like Sir Warren, the Father of Value Investing then Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is the first book to read.

Instead if you are planning to become a trader, Trading For A Living by George Soros is highly recommended.

Don't forget to be updated by reading newspapers for current events that could impact your chosen stocks.

Of course, continuously read this blog.

2. Attend seminars and webinars. Better to attend seminars and webinars especially those free to widen your knowledge but only listen to those who made it and showed results. You tube is very helpful, here is the link for Newbie Channel for free leasons:

3. Have a free demo account. Before jumping to unchartered waters, have a practice on free brokers demo account, it will help you understand the brokers platform and get a real experience before the actual trades.

4. Stock Market Tools. Trading apps like PAM PSE Tracker will be helpful in monitoring your stocks everywhere and will be helpful in calculations of potential gains and losses. Here is the link;

PSE Edge is also a useful site for companies disclosure and dividends and rights.

5. Facebook groups and chat rooms. Being member of different forums will be helpful to ask questions and find a mentor. There are many of them, few that I'm active PAMers, FFFF, Piso, Mt. Olympse, Tiktikan trading, TTP and Tsupitero.. Those are with very helpful admins and active members..

What about you? Do you have strategy to share?

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz 
Newbie Mentor 
P.S. For free stock market webinar, submit for a free slot,  here is the link:

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