Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How to achieve a Financially Free Lifestyle?

Everyone wants to be Financially Free. 99% of OFWs reason of leaving the country is "Financial Problem" or they are looking for a land of milk and honey. We want to achieve financial freedom and live a free lifestyle at the time of retirement. This journey to be financially free is a rocky road, it will take time, effort and hardwork.

3 Simple Steps to be Financially Free:

First, Plan for your life at the time of retirement.
Build emergency funds, save and invest in mutual funds and stock market, diversify your investment and take the power of compounding into heart. This steps will take time and probably 10 - 25 years or even more. The key on this strategy is to start early.

Alfonso's MF result

Second, Take a calculated risk on business ventures. 

Create and build a business that will support your free lifestyle. The truth, it's not easy to take the risks on starting a business, most of start up companies failed in the first year of the business. 90 % of start up companies failed in year 2014. You can be a big time businessman if you got right recipes like the Lugaw Queen, Papaya Soap, Chicharon, etc. etc.

Third, Invest on Passive Income and Keep the Cash coming.

The challenging part after earning from the business is to maintain the momentum and continue to grow your money thru investing passively. Cashflows should be monitored properly and keep investing on your portfolios. Read this link http://pamrichfriends.com/how-to-hit-your-1-million-php-passive-income/ .

What about you?

Feel free to share your strategy to achieve a financially free lifestyle?

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
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