Saturday, 31 October 2015

Why I live below my means?

Live below your means is a famous advice of financial advisors but the problem is the application of this quote.

I learned to live below my means especially that I have a 7 months old baby daughter and my recent turnover of another condominium property.

I have 3 tips that will help you to live below your means without suffering from your lifestyle:

First, Buy with a special discounts. Toiletries such as colgate, shampoos, razor blades, and other food products. Buy those things with longer expiration and can be store for a long period of time in bulk with special discounts.

Second, Buy one take one. I bought a new shoe with additional slipper. It's not possible to avoid our wants in life, there is always a way to get it. Work extra hours or do a sideline business. I received a commissions from a previous sales and I used the money to buy a new shoes.

Third, Earn points and redeem it. Get all the loyalty cards and promotions. For example entertainer vouchers of eating 2 for 1 meal in your favorite restaurant, it can save a good amount. Bookstore loyalty card, after you bought a good numbers of book and earn points, you can now buy a book for free.

The main reason why we should live below our means is to prepare for our retirement and brighter future of our kids.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
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Thursday, 22 October 2015

10 Steps To Retire with Millions

Everyone is waiting for a retirement and wants to achieve financial freedom. There are many ways and pathways to do it, thru business, stocks, mutual funds, real estate, career, lotto, etc. etc.

I would like to share 10 steps that could be helpful in your journey to retirement:

1. Set a Goal. I named my academy with PAM - meaning P-lanning, A- ctions and M-indset. We need to plan for our future which is our GOAL. The goal is to hit millions in our retirement account. I set a goal that at the age of 50, I will be sitting in front of my beach house, teaching and travelling around the world.

2. Start saving. If you don't have 6 months emergency fund on your bank account then start today even with a small amount. It will lessen your worry, if stormy weather comes.

3. Get aggressive in Investing. After saving for the storms. Start building asset that could give you good amount of cashflows. Invest in rental properties and equity markets but have proper knowledge in the field.

4. Build a leisure fund. Don't suppress yourself with luxuries, there are things that you would not be able to do once you retire due to age issues. Reward yourself once you achieved the first 3 steps.

5. Build passive income. Do a sidelines during weekends and free time. Sell muffins, do an online business, make your hobbies an income generating activity, create a blog and share your knowledge. I'm venturing on  another app development, after the success of recent project for stock market:

6. Watch your spending. Monitoring the cash inflows and outflows are part of your journey to retire with millions. Cut those unnecessary expenses and create a budgeting technique.
7. Monitor your portfolio. Properly monitor the return of  your investments. Ask yourself whether the investment is giving a return or not. Don't jump with those MLM's that are promising 100% returns, study first.

8. Max out your options. Save and invest at least 20% of your income. Protect yourself thru health and life insurance especially if you are the breadwinner of the family.

9. Start a business. Once you have enough capital and experience then start opening a business. Be an entrepreneur.

10. Patience is a virtue. Prayers are answered with Yes, No and WAIT. You might be tired but don't give up. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Don't be hook in"Get Rich Quick Schemes".

Let's retire together with millions in our portfolio.

Sincerely yours,

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

How to grow your Stock Market Knowledge?

Losing hard earned money in the stock market is not a myth. There is an inherent risks. There will be winners and losers, buyers and sellers, red and green, down and up, victories and failures, positive and negative and there is no neutral place no matter what, you will still lose in commissions and fees.

What are the strategy to grow your knowledge in the stock market?

1. Read books, blogs and newspapers. If you are planning to be a value investor and dreaming of becoming like Sir Warren, the Father of Value Investing then Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is the first book to read.

Instead if you are planning to become a trader, Trading For A Living by George Soros is highly recommended.

Don't forget to be updated by reading newspapers for current events that could impact your chosen stocks.

Of course, continuously read this blog.

2. Attend seminars and webinars. Better to attend seminars and webinars especially those free to widen your knowledge but only listen to those who made it and showed results. You tube is very helpful, here is the link for Newbie Channel for free leasons:

3. Have a free demo account. Before jumping to unchartered waters, have a practice on free brokers demo account, it will help you understand the brokers platform and get a real experience before the actual trades.

4. Stock Market Tools. Trading apps like PAM PSE Tracker will be helpful in monitoring your stocks everywhere and will be helpful in calculations of potential gains and losses. Here is the link;

PSE Edge is also a useful site for companies disclosure and dividends and rights.

5. Facebook groups and chat rooms. Being member of different forums will be helpful to ask questions and find a mentor. There are many of them, few that I'm active PAMers, FFFF, Piso, Mt. Olympse, Tiktikan trading, TTP and Tsupitero.. Those are with very helpful admins and active members..

What about you? Do you have strategy to share?

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz 
Newbie Mentor 
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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Is it worth taking the risk?

The reality in life is that everything is risky. As the book failing forward by John Maxwell cited that if you want to avoid risk then don't do the following:
Don't ride in an automobile- they cause 20% of all fatal accidents.
Don't travel by air, rail, water- 16% of all accidents results from these activities.
Don't walk in the street- 15% of all accidents occur there.
Don't stay at home - 17% of accidents happen here.

There are no safe places or risk free activities.

How about investing in the stock market? Only 5% of investors are successful in this battlefield.

Are you one of them? Is it worth taking the risks?

My personal answer is "Yes".

The more you risk, the greater your chances of success. Here is my success story:

There are ways to calculate the risk in this field thru following 5 simple steps;
1. Study and learn the basics of investing.
2. Strictly follow your plans.
3. Know your investment objectives.
4. Know your risk appetite.
5. Don't be greedy.

I will elaborate the above steps in my upcoming free webinar. If you want to join, here is the link and get your slots, I already received 50 attendees so don't waste this great opportunity.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor
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Sunday, 11 October 2015

How to Prepare for a Long Term Wealth Plan?

Do you want to become rich?
How much you set aside for your retirement funds?
Do you establish your emergency funds?

I received a notification from my payout in Airbnb for my condominium for rent today;
4249.08 PHP

This property is part of my long term wealth plan, cash inflows will be deposited to my retirement funds. I don't want to rely on Social Security System, instead I want to build different passive income sources that will support my dream lifestyle.

If you read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, getting out of the rat race should be part of your long term wealth plan. The way out of this rat-race is to invest wisely into other cash producing vehicles that are not connected to your time. You must learn to make money work for you, rather than the other way around.

There are pathways to prepare for a long term wealth plan:
  1. The power of compounding interest. Invest a small amount of your income or at least 20% into an investment that could give a potential return of 12% every year. If you invest 100 000 PHP today, after 20 years it will be equivalent to 964, 629.31 PHP.
     2.  Invest for long term. The task is to invest for long term and grow your money thru an             investment vehicle that will give a good amount of interest rates. For those that have             n’t started yet in the stock market, then start with mutual fund: 

     3. Start a business. Starting a business is not an easy task, if you will ask an OFW that              what he wants to do at the time of retirement, 95% will answer “I will start my own                  business”. If you are one of those that wants to start a business then start building                  experience on your business plan. Keep accumulating experience and reap the benefits later.
     4. Real Estate. This type of investment are not for everyone. You need to commit                      yourself and check your financial capabilities before you jump into a condominium or              properties for sale. Try to understand the real estate market and make a research of              developer's project. Location, location is the key on this investment.

Feel Free to Share your Long Term Wealth Plan.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Success Formula

I believed that everyone wants to be successful and accomplished dreams. We work hard because of our motivations and reasons. We defined our success and creates a pathway to achieve it. You graduated from a Master's degree, passed the board exam, started a business, got married to your first love etc..etc..

I would like to share with you the Great Reid's Success Equation;

P + T + (AxA) + F = SUCCESS

P= Passion .This is the thing that you love to do and do it even without pay. It could be photography, cooking, speaking, writing, etc. etc.

T= Talents. The innate skills that you possess. Develop your skills and be the best in the industry. In my case, my talent on Mid- Term Trading and earning at least 10% every week. I bought AGI the other day and now having more than 7% gains.

A1= Actions. The responsibility to take actions that will lead to success. In my case, studying fundamental and technical analysis.

A2= Association. This is your mastermind group and your support system. Be with other friends with same mindset .

F= Faith. You need to have faith and believe that you can be successful.

I would like you to apply the success equation in your current status and reflect this weekend.

What are you passionate about? Do you have the talents? What actions need to take ? Who do you want to be with on the ladder of success? Have faith.

Sincerely yours,

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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Investing Mistakes Can Be Costly

"Invest only the Excess Money on the Stock Market". Financial Advisor

You consider yourself value investor and for long term, you believe that the chosen stock can give high returns and potential 100% earnings in the future. The truth, it could be on the other way around.

Committing mistakes on this battlefield can be costly especially the extra money will be alloted to future retirement or educational fund of your kids. Why do newbie investors keep making mistakes over and over again.


Because newbie buy blu chips at a high price.

Blu chips stock are not a guarantee that you are not going to suffer from losses, if you buy at it's high then you can be "IPIT" for a long time and keep averaging to lessen the percentage loss. A good example URC hit as high as 234 then as of today at 194, What is a better price at 167 or 200 price?

Because newbie follows facebook forum gurus.

Buy FNI, it will soon rebounce then everybody entered at 2 PHP hoping that FOO will materialize at a higher price. FNI price as of today is 0.91, probably many newbies losing at least 50% because of the hype of gurus.

Because newbie loves trading.

The ticker makes you excited and keep pushing you to trade. It does n't mean that you should jump even without enough knowledge in technical analysis. Newbie should love their capital so they will not lose it.

"Invest only the Passive Income in the Stock Market and Grow It."- Newbie Mentor

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How to achieve a Financially Free Lifestyle?

Everyone wants to be Financially Free. 99% of OFWs reason of leaving the country is "Financial Problem" or they are looking for a land of milk and honey. We want to achieve financial freedom and live a free lifestyle at the time of retirement. This journey to be financially free is a rocky road, it will take time, effort and hardwork.

3 Simple Steps to be Financially Free:

First, Plan for your life at the time of retirement.
Build emergency funds, save and invest in mutual funds and stock market, diversify your investment and take the power of compounding into heart. This steps will take time and probably 10 - 25 years or even more. The key on this strategy is to start early.

Alfonso's MF result

Second, Take a calculated risk on business ventures. 

Create and build a business that will support your free lifestyle. The truth, it's not easy to take the risks on starting a business, most of start up companies failed in the first year of the business. 90 % of start up companies failed in year 2014. You can be a big time businessman if you got right recipes like the Lugaw Queen, Papaya Soap, Chicharon, etc. etc.

Third, Invest on Passive Income and Keep the Cash coming.

The challenging part after earning from the business is to maintain the momentum and continue to grow your money thru investing passively. Cashflows should be monitored properly and keep investing on your portfolios. Read this link .

What about you?

Feel free to share your strategy to achieve a financially free lifestyle?

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
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Monday, 5 October 2015

How to avoid losing from buying stocks too early?

I bought AGI the other week with the feeling that touch down the bottom price but I was wrong, it went down again today by 0.62%. The index recover 1.63 percentage gains closed at 6,961.93, showed a strength as of today's movement. If you are able to pick at the bottom last week probably you will have at least 5% gains from Bloom, PLC, MCP, TA and MBT.

How to avoid losing from stocks?

First, Learn both fundamental and technical analysis. 

Fundamental analysis is the cornerstone of investing. At least, you should know how to determine the fair value of stocks or the possible target price. Terms such as Dividend Yields, PE Ratio and Fair value should be part of your vocabulary and  you will be able to calculate it yourself.

Technical analysis will help you understand the historical patterns and predict the possible directions of the stock. Choose a method such as Japanese candlesticks, harmonic patterns, Elliot Wave, PAM strategy ( etc..etc.

Second, Don't follow the Gurus, Follow your instinct.

After learning the fundamental and technical analysis, it's time to evaluate the graphs and charts and recommendation of all financial gurus and mentors in the battlefield. If you are going to press the buy and sell button, clear your head  and  take responsibility of the action. You will shoulder the gains and give credit to yourself instead of shoulder the loss and credit to financial guru.

Third, Set the Entry and Exit Point.

Whether you are into trading or investing, entry and exit point will determine your paper gains and losses. You should buy at the good entry point after calculating the possible lowest support and sell at the highest resistance (Technical). Buy at the undervalued price and sell at the FV price(Fundamental).

How about you?

Feel free to share your strategy on how to avoid losing from stocks.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz
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