Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Where are you today financially?

I keep reading books, attending webinars and studying fundamental and technical analysis, so I will be able to share financial education with my blog readers.

I would like you to evaluate, where you are today as an investor?

Investor Level 1 
Check your asset and liabilities. Get the difference to understand your net worth. The first level will show if you have assets or investments or more liabilities such as bad debts, personal loans, credit card debts. At end of month, paycheck will not be enough to cover expenses then you start on this level. Get out of debt and build your net worth.

Investor Level 2
This level will show how much you save on your bank account. In this level you haven't started investing but only saving because lack of financial education. You are a saver but not an investor. Start investing.

Investor Level 3
You started investing on stocks, bonds, uitf, mutual funds etc. etc. on this level, financial managers handle your investments. Started learning financial education about paper assets but when stock market declined, your capital start to wipe out.

Investor Level 4
On this level, you are financially educated, you control of your investments. The fear of investing does not frighten you. You keep learning from opportunities and mistakes. You started to diversify from paper assets to real estate.

Investor Level 5
Capitalist falls on this level. You own businesses. Risk is not an issue anymore. You are well diversified in different asset classes. You are sharing your learning. You are helping out the poor and giving to charities. You teach others.

Feel free to share to your friends where you are today?

If you are looking for an academy that will guide you for free and premium, here is the link: http://www.pamacademy.net/

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor

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