Saturday, 19 September 2015

How to work productively?

Distractions are main cause of productivity problems. You did not meet the report deadlines because of a colleague that asked you for help. You are late in your appointment because you did not hear the alarm clock. 
We are living in a world of distractions.

Here are few steps to be productive:

1. Time management. We live in 24 hours, 1440 mins, 86400 secs in a day. Are you maximizing your time? Do you have a schedule to follow? Be discipline and manage your time wisely or else you will run out of time and realize that you are left behind.

2. Avoid too much selfie moments. If you are spending your time in social media every 30 mins and keep updating your Facebook status then it's time to avoid selfie moments that keeps you from being productive except you have a business online.

3. Say "No". When I was in Norway, one of the hobbies during Sunday is playing bingo, at first I got hooked but later I realized I spent too much of my time wasting so I learned to say No. 

4. Meetings, emails and mobile phone. In a week, the minimum set up meetings that I need to attend are 10 - 15, I spend 15-30 mins to each of them and usually I set them in the morning. Turn off email notifications on your mobile, check emails twice a day not every minute. 

5. Work smart not work hard. Learn to finish those small important tasks then set aside time to those that are not urgent tasks later in the day. 

Reflect on your productivity level. Do you have a productivity strategy? Feel free to share.

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