Sunday, 13 September 2015

Different Pathways to Million PHP

I attended a meeting yesterday with investors. I notice their simplicity, they wear t-shirts and jeans, they don't have the latest iPhones instead blackberry and we ordered lunch and most of them ate salads. They are silent investors, finance million dirham projects and wait until they get back their investments.

They invest passively. I'm amazed how deep their knowledge in finance and business. They have millions but each individual is unique. One works with the bank as an investment banker, the other one deals with the government contracts, and a young professional works as a General Manager of hotel. They are experts in their fields.

I realized that I'm investing passively and probably I will reach at their age with the same knowledge and capital. I keep questioning myself, if I'm doing it right. I'm taking small steps at a time.

3 Pathways to Million PHP;

1. Real estate investing. This involves financial forecasting on how much is possible rental monthly or ROI of the property. It needs high amount of capital and understanding of real estate business. It will give you a good amount of cash, if you invest wisely.

2. Stock Market. This is one of the riskiest investment available but I believed if you study and commit time to learn, you will lessen the risks.
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3. Online Business. Use the power of internet. Everything is possible. You might be the next "Mark Zuckerberg". I keep venturing on the development of applications in Google android: . This application started giving a good amount of passive income monthly.

131,144.97 PHP
How about you?

Feel free to share your pathway to Millions Php.

Happy Sunday.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz

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