Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Art of Recommending Hype Stocks

There are a growing number of forums with advocacy of Financial Freedom because of the awareness spread by brokers, banks, mutual fund companies,real estate agents, non profit organizations, pesos and sense, TGFI, Tsupiteros, TTP, TRC, FFFF and PAM academy.

This is a good sign that many Filipinos are learning how to properly handle money and take a calculated risk. 

As they learn and get the right financial education then later they will be turn into Gurus. Education and experience combined will help in picking the right stocks but it doesn't mean you have the right to hype a stock that you already bought earlier at it's low. 

The art of hyping might get you rich in a short term but the karma will be for long term. Another hype strategy is to encourage other members of forum not to sell when you already sold while others keep their portfolios bleeding.

Of course there is no governing bodies look into these issues, this is the main reason I created this Newbie blog. I would like to thank those readers continuously supporting my advocacy.

There is no "Guru" only "Mentor".

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz 
Newbie Mentor 

P.S. It's not the right time to buy until the global issues stabilize. I would not say don't buy but accumulate only those companies with strong fundamentals. If you are looking for a community of mentors, join us for free or premium at www.pamacademy.net 

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