Monday, 17 August 2015

Newbie Question about Dividend Play with 5k PHP Gains

Dividend Play

Eto naman sir, kasi sabi niyo before that I have my “style” and I am thinking of going long-term on some company and dividend play on some as my style, since my current job ako. Gusto ko sana malaman kung okay bang style yung ganito?  Kasi sa pagkakaintindi ko sa dividend play di mo concern yung mga technicals ng isang company rather yung ex-date nila (tama ba?)

Yes, tama hindi concern ang technicals pero pwede mo ito gamitin. Watch the stocks one week before the ex-date and buy it at a oversold level or the possible bottom price that week. Kung long term strategy so you don't care at the stock price since your plan is to harvest for long term but the important part is to check if the company is consistently giving dividends in the past. Remember that you should hold the stock before the ex-date to be entitled with dividends.

May way ba kung paano malaman kung cash or shares of stocks ang dividend na ibibigay ng isang company?
      Yes, PSE disclosure of the company or at the time of stockholders meeting. Another source could be this app ;  or insiders of the company.

 Pag nag-dividend play ba, okay lang ba na mag-invest to any company (basura stocks) or sa mga blue chips pa rin? 

Usually for dividend play dapat blu chips kasi mas secure and stable, kaya talaga nagdeclare because of unrestricted retained earnings or net income to be distributed to stockholders, some basura stocks declared high amount of dividends for the reason of attracting stockholders that they have high dividend yields.

Eto sir, wala sa topic sa taas. In layman’s term paano ba mag-cut loss? Pwedeng pa-provide ng sample sir? J

In this picture, DMC after the declaration of 100% stock dividends. Nabenta ko na ito dun sa happiest part ng picture meaning collect gains.

Probably, marami bumili ulit ng DMC noong na lift ang ban ng SCC and it went up by 4% gains but it went down again to 11.82 level as of closing yesterday. 

As per checking the lowest low 11.70, if the stock will hit the lowest low it will be equivalent to more than 5 % loss, then if I used volume I will sell this stock at that level meaning I cut loss at 11.70.

Salamat ng marami ulit sir.

Sana nakatulong ang sagot. More samples of cut loss on my next post.

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