Saturday, 22 August 2015

How to hit millions on your financial journey?

Every Pinoys investing and trading in the stock market wants to have a millions in their portfolios. Every victims of scam wants to have a millions on their bank accounts.
Every MLM recruiters want to have a "Power" status to have millions.

Newbie mentor success of hitting 1 million in different sources, more than 1 million gains in the stock market, more than 1 million from selling real estate commissions, and recently 1 million from blogging comes from the desire of hitting millions and achieve financial freedom.

I would like to inspire everyone that it is possible to achieve thru PAM, P-lanning, Actions, right M-indset. If there is a short cut to the million journey I will disclose it to everyone, but the only thing I have is the learnings from experiences that I used to share on this blog.

Let me give you 5 important part of my journey to millions;

1. Invest on yourself. Keep learning and failing. The world is your school. There are many ways to improve yourself, reading books, watching you tube videos, and learning a course online thru coursera or PAM Academy ( When was the last time that you got a certificate because you completed a course? It will pay off later.

2. Live below your means. This relates to proper handling of money and budgeting. You don't need to catch up with joneses and show off that you can have a dream car or dream mansion but you cannot sleep at night because you are buried with debts. Start tracking your expenses and invest the excess.

3. Never give up. Failures will be part of this journey but your patience will be tested all the time. Col Sanders created  KFC, the worlds best chicken fast food chain at the age of 66.

4. Give. If you have more than enough, always learn to share and give, blessings will pour out and doubled.

5. Prayers. I recently moved to UAE  and every night I asked for a job position before my wife's delivery of our first baby, it was answered 3 days before her labour. Prayers can moved mountains.

I don't know the struggles and challenges you are facing in this financial journey but taking one step at a time is a better approach than doing nothing.

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  1. Great entry! Yes, prayers always works. :)

    Cindy -


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