Saturday, 15 August 2015

Don't waste your money instead invest it

I know that you will react again with this post as "Another Kuripot Tips". I would like to give few tips on how to minimize your spending.

1. Monthly Cable Subscription. Pick the lowest package. If you need to pay an extra for watching latest movies, delay your gratification because you can have it free after a year in a regular cable channel.

2. Mobile Monthly Plans. After I received a bill of 1500 AED (18000 php) from Etisalat, I studied how to stay with the limits, I ask them to send an alert once I used up my data package and phone call limits. Another strategy is to turn off mobile phone data when at home and office, just use the wifi connections.

3. Transportation. This is applicable whether you have a car or not. Check if you are going to save for monthly card or top up to go. If you are driving then have a loyalty card that could save you one liter of gasoline. Or you might want to check which one will be beneficial using public transportation or driving your own car.

4. Starbucks coffee. You can do this everyday if you have an alloted budget for it or I suggest try to buy a coffee machine or a 3 in1 coffee as a substitute. Taste will be different but the amount save will make your life better in the future.

5. Online courses. I think there are many offers of seminars but before grabbing one, check if they are available on you tube for free. A good example;

The savings from above tips can be use as a buying power for this month of Aughost.

Feel free to share this tips.

Have a Happy Sunday.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor 

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