Monday, 3 August 2015

Aughost Month Special Webinar

Many Newbies keep asking me,  what is your strategy for this month of Aughost?
What is your technical indicators in selling PCOR?
Why did you keep CROWN after IPO and sold recently?
Did you subscribed for SBS IPO?
Are you accumulating stocks this month of Aughost?

I keep receiving questions and full of inbox messages, I decided that I will share few strategies in my upcoming Aughost Month Special webinar. Here is the link;

warren b

In this webinar, I will be sharing the winning strategy of Sir Warren as a value investor.

I will be giving 4 stocks to buy before the election rally of 2016 and compare it to SAM Table.

I'm going to teach the calculation of entry point in buying a stock to keep on a safe sides.

This webinar will not be the cheapest in the market because the value you will get is so much high and the promise of lifetime learnings.

To those newbies keep earning in the stock market.


Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. See you on this special webinar ;

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