Friday, 14 August 2015

100% gains target for Aughost month

I always prepare a good amount of buying power in the month of Aughost, as most of technical analyst predictions that the index will continue falling.

As per Friday closing of PSEi 7,408, the next possible support  of 7300 will give us the next direction, once broken 7100 level will be the test buy point. Blu chips will also goes down at a minimum of 5% loss for this month. Ghost month is the time that most of Chinese investors will not be involve in business deals as it might be a sign of bad luck especially that the yuan currency value was devalued. While European investors  will be on a holiday mode. The decline in volume will cause a downtrend.

What will be the right strategy?

Grab every opportunity that will come along the way like IPO's, good and bad news, technical oversold levels etc.

After CROWN, I subscribed to SBS IPO, my investment doubled already hit more than 100% gains at the time of listing. 3 days duration.

Another strategy is to look at a good entry point like what happened to my DNL in 2013 that gave me 100% in 2014. 1 year duration.

The only question is which stock to watch and buy? 

If you are looking for another great app in Google Play for monitoring the stock market and stock recommendations, this is for you;

Congrats to your investing and trading journey.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor


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