Friday, 28 August 2015

How to Earn 5 Digits Passive Income thru Diversification?

A risk management technique that mixes a wide variety of investments within a portfolio. The rationale behind this technique contends that a portfolio of different kinds of investments will, on average, yield higher returns and pose a lower risk than any individual investment found within the portfolio. Source;Investopedia.

If you are new to investing probably you have n't done this strategy yet. This is a great strategy to minimize your risk. You should invest your money in different investment instruments in a balance way such as fixed income securities (bonds),real estate, mutual funds, uitf and vul.

If you put your money "All In" for one stock like a friend of mine in FNI, his bleeding more than 30%, a big mistake following gurus but if you put it on "NIKL" yesterday, you will be a winner of 18% gains. You are exposing yourself to 100% risks and might lose your hard earned money, if you are putting the capital in one basket.

Diversify into different money making machines;

Rental Properties;

43,359 PHP Earnings

Blogging Income;

15, 000 PHP Earnings

Stocks Trading;

Aug 25, index @ 6.621 level

5,109 PHP Earnings

Aug 28, index @ 7,098

11,458 PHP Earnings


Diversification should be applied in managing stocks portfolio, you should not have more than 3 stocks in the same industry. It should be balanced, that will reflects on your day change during the downtrend.

Congratulations to those entered during the downtrend, I believed there will be another round, cautious buying is highly recommended.

If you are looking for a great app in the stock market, download on this link;

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Art of Recommending Hype Stocks

There are a growing number of forums with advocacy of Financial Freedom because of the awareness spread by brokers, banks, mutual fund companies,real estate agents, non profit organizations, pesos and sense, TGFI, Tsupiteros, TTP, TRC, FFFF and PAM academy.

This is a good sign that many Filipinos are learning how to properly handle money and take a calculated risk. 

As they learn and get the right financial education then later they will be turn into Gurus. Education and experience combined will help in picking the right stocks but it doesn't mean you have the right to hype a stock that you already bought earlier at it's low. 

The art of hyping might get you rich in a short term but the karma will be for long term. Another hype strategy is to encourage other members of forum not to sell when you already sold while others keep their portfolios bleeding.

Of course there is no governing bodies look into these issues, this is the main reason I created this Newbie blog. I would like to thank those readers continuously supporting my advocacy.

There is no "Guru" only "Mentor".

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz 
Newbie Mentor 

P.S. It's not the right time to buy until the global issues stabilize. I would not say don't buy but accumulate only those companies with strong fundamentals. If you are looking for a community of mentors, join us for free or premium at 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Money Matters for 3 reasons

Being newbie in the field of saving and investing, you might want to check why money matters to you. Last night while reading a newspaper, homesick struggles of Pinoy OFWs in UAE almost 90 % of the answers include financial reasons. The fear of not providing enough for their families back home.

Why money matters to you?

I have 3 important reasons;

First, Money can buy freedom. I remember the time when I was working as a dishwasher, I don't have freedom to choose my work schedule, my holidays, and could not quit job because I don't have enough money to support myself once I resign. If I only have enough money, I can choose to study rather than working, I can go for engrande vacation rather than keeping the holidays in exchange of monetary value and I will have a freedom lifestyle.

Second, Money works for me. I learned that money can grow with proper financial education. If you will remember my post about; , I believed that I will have more than enough or if not millions then billions on my second retirement funds. Keep your buying power on the side until the global issues calm down.

Third, Money is God's gift. I sent money for typhoon victims. I bought food for street children. I gave back to charities. Indeed, money turned into a gift because of the proper handling of it

Feel free to share why money matters to you?

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz 
Newbie Mentor 

P.S. I would like to thank Filipino Times for recognizing my contribution  in the field of entrepreneurship thru PAM Academy (, it's an honor to be part of final nominees.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

How to hit millions on your financial journey?

Every Pinoys investing and trading in the stock market wants to have a millions in their portfolios. Every victims of scam wants to have a millions on their bank accounts.
Every MLM recruiters want to have a "Power" status to have millions.

Newbie mentor success of hitting 1 million in different sources, more than 1 million gains in the stock market, more than 1 million from selling real estate commissions, and recently 1 million from blogging comes from the desire of hitting millions and achieve financial freedom.

I would like to inspire everyone that it is possible to achieve thru PAM, P-lanning, Actions, right M-indset. If there is a short cut to the million journey I will disclose it to everyone, but the only thing I have is the learnings from experiences that I used to share on this blog.

Let me give you 5 important part of my journey to millions;

1. Invest on yourself. Keep learning and failing. The world is your school. There are many ways to improve yourself, reading books, watching you tube videos, and learning a course online thru coursera or PAM Academy ( When was the last time that you got a certificate because you completed a course? It will pay off later.

2. Live below your means. This relates to proper handling of money and budgeting. You don't need to catch up with joneses and show off that you can have a dream car or dream mansion but you cannot sleep at night because you are buried with debts. Start tracking your expenses and invest the excess.

3. Never give up. Failures will be part of this journey but your patience will be tested all the time. Col Sanders created  KFC, the worlds best chicken fast food chain at the age of 66.

4. Give. If you have more than enough, always learn to share and give, blessings will pour out and doubled.

5. Prayers. I recently moved to UAE  and every night I asked for a job position before my wife's delivery of our first baby, it was answered 3 days before her labour. Prayers can moved mountains.

I don't know the struggles and challenges you are facing in this financial journey but taking one step at a time is a better approach than doing nothing.

Sincerely yours,


Monday, 17 August 2015

Newbie Question about Dividend Play with 5k PHP Gains

Dividend Play

Eto naman sir, kasi sabi niyo before that I have my “style” and I am thinking of going long-term on some company and dividend play on some as my style, since my current job ako. Gusto ko sana malaman kung okay bang style yung ganito?  Kasi sa pagkakaintindi ko sa dividend play di mo concern yung mga technicals ng isang company rather yung ex-date nila (tama ba?)

Yes, tama hindi concern ang technicals pero pwede mo ito gamitin. Watch the stocks one week before the ex-date and buy it at a oversold level or the possible bottom price that week. Kung long term strategy so you don't care at the stock price since your plan is to harvest for long term but the important part is to check if the company is consistently giving dividends in the past. Remember that you should hold the stock before the ex-date to be entitled with dividends.

May way ba kung paano malaman kung cash or shares of stocks ang dividend na ibibigay ng isang company?
      Yes, PSE disclosure of the company or at the time of stockholders meeting. Another source could be this app ;  or insiders of the company.

 Pag nag-dividend play ba, okay lang ba na mag-invest to any company (basura stocks) or sa mga blue chips pa rin? 

Usually for dividend play dapat blu chips kasi mas secure and stable, kaya talaga nagdeclare because of unrestricted retained earnings or net income to be distributed to stockholders, some basura stocks declared high amount of dividends for the reason of attracting stockholders that they have high dividend yields.

Eto sir, wala sa topic sa taas. In layman’s term paano ba mag-cut loss? Pwedeng pa-provide ng sample sir? J

In this picture, DMC after the declaration of 100% stock dividends. Nabenta ko na ito dun sa happiest part ng picture meaning collect gains.

Probably, marami bumili ulit ng DMC noong na lift ang ban ng SCC and it went up by 4% gains but it went down again to 11.82 level as of closing yesterday. 

As per checking the lowest low 11.70, if the stock will hit the lowest low it will be equivalent to more than 5 % loss, then if I used volume I will sell this stock at that level meaning I cut loss at 11.70.

Salamat ng marami ulit sir.

Sana nakatulong ang sagot. More samples of cut loss on my next post.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. If you have newbie questions, ask the mentor at

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Newbie Question @ 100% IPO gains

Hi Sir,

Eto ako ulit, mangungulit. J currently reading some topics sa blog mo and I have some questions regarding sa some topics specifically sa IPO and dividend play.

IPO Topic

1.  Is it a good idea to hold on an IPO company for so long? Let’s say binili ko si Company A at the initial offer tapos hold ko siya for long-term or another way lang din siya to earn big?

YES, it’s good idea to keep it, “ONLY IF THE COMPANY HAS A POTENTIAL” or Fair Value at the time of IPO is undervalued. A good example is DD from 2 Php IPO price to 12.86 as of today's recess almost 535% gains. The management has a good expansion plans from the time of IPO as well as projected earnings growth and 1 Half earnings of 2015 Net Income up by 54%.

2. Kung mag-exit ako from buying IPO, kailan maganda mag-exit sa isang IPO? After the first week? 2nd week?  

     The answer to this question depends on the IPO stock and your plan, if it is only for the reason that the stock is oversubscribed and you are playing for short term, possible to sell on the 2nd day when stock hits the 2nd ceiling price which will give you more than 100% gains.

3. I recently purchased kasi SBS at gusto ko sana malaman kung kalian maganda mag-exit or mag-hold ako long-term?

Congratulations. I think if you are contented with the gains, you can collect and reinvest the gains in another stock hitting bottom this month of Aughost. Or you can pull out the capital you used and use it as a buying power. The strategy will depends on your plans before subscribing to IPO. I think the CEO mentioned that the properties under SBS was not valued or priced in, again you might do calculations of FV.

Thank you Mr. Newbie for a great question. For Dividend play question, I will answer it on my next post.

To PAM Students at PAM Academy, Congratulations to 100% gains during the SBS IPO. If you want to be a part of growing community, you can sign up for free or premium;

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Don't waste your money instead invest it

I know that you will react again with this post as "Another Kuripot Tips". I would like to give few tips on how to minimize your spending.

1. Monthly Cable Subscription. Pick the lowest package. If you need to pay an extra for watching latest movies, delay your gratification because you can have it free after a year in a regular cable channel.

2. Mobile Monthly Plans. After I received a bill of 1500 AED (18000 php) from Etisalat, I studied how to stay with the limits, I ask them to send an alert once I used up my data package and phone call limits. Another strategy is to turn off mobile phone data when at home and office, just use the wifi connections.

3. Transportation. This is applicable whether you have a car or not. Check if you are going to save for monthly card or top up to go. If you are driving then have a loyalty card that could save you one liter of gasoline. Or you might want to check which one will be beneficial using public transportation or driving your own car.

4. Starbucks coffee. You can do this everyday if you have an alloted budget for it or I suggest try to buy a coffee machine or a 3 in1 coffee as a substitute. Taste will be different but the amount save will make your life better in the future.

5. Online courses. I think there are many offers of seminars but before grabbing one, check if they are available on you tube for free. A good example;

The savings from above tips can be use as a buying power for this month of Aughost.

Feel free to share this tips.

Have a Happy Sunday.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor 

Friday, 14 August 2015

100% gains target for Aughost month

I always prepare a good amount of buying power in the month of Aughost, as most of technical analyst predictions that the index will continue falling.

As per Friday closing of PSEi 7,408, the next possible support  of 7300 will give us the next direction, once broken 7100 level will be the test buy point. Blu chips will also goes down at a minimum of 5% loss for this month. Ghost month is the time that most of Chinese investors will not be involve in business deals as it might be a sign of bad luck especially that the yuan currency value was devalued. While European investors  will be on a holiday mode. The decline in volume will cause a downtrend.

What will be the right strategy?

Grab every opportunity that will come along the way like IPO's, good and bad news, technical oversold levels etc.

After CROWN, I subscribed to SBS IPO, my investment doubled already hit more than 100% gains at the time of listing. 3 days duration.

Another strategy is to look at a good entry point like what happened to my DNL in 2013 that gave me 100% in 2014. 1 year duration.

The only question is which stock to watch and buy? 

If you are looking for another great app in Google Play for monitoring the stock market and stock recommendations, this is for you;

Congrats to your investing and trading journey.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

How to live a Rich Life using Credit Cards?

I recently opened a bank account in UAE and the day after, I received many offers of credit cards from FGB, Emirates NBD, Citibank etc. etc. brochures piling up. You need to look at the different rates offered by those banks and grab the lowest possible rates.

How a credit card can help you live a rich life?

The goal is not to overspend and paying the due amount on time before incurring penalties. I don't believed that you need to literally cut it because there is a hidden benefits of having it in your pocket. Using it wisely and properly will show how discipline you are in handling finances.

1. Promotional offers. Of course, you will not use it every time there is an offer for a dinner for two, use it on special occasions like your birthdays and dinner dates. If you are going to treat your family for a delicious dinner then look at the list of restaurants that offered promotions if you use the credit card.

2. 15% discount. In your first use, most of credit cards offered 15% discount on a specific outlet like baby shops, ZARA, GAP, Redtag etc. etc. or you can use it to buy an electronic gadgets. In my case, it will be useful to buy for my baby's clothing.

3. Accumulate miles. Every time you are going to travel whether business or leisure, use the credit cards to earn points and convert it later into round trip ticket. A friend of mine, travel every year without spending a dime after 10 years of accumulation. Last time, he flew in Italy for Expo 2015 on a business class for free.

4. Credit days. It could be 30 to 45 days depending on the banks policy. You need to watch on the date to avoid penalties especially if you are withdrawing cash on your credit card. You will understand it better later, once you run and own a business and deal with suppliers on credit.

5. Emergency. Of course, you should have a set emergency funds and touch it only for emergency. If there is any important offers that you need to grab and you did not allocate a budget for it then credit card might be useful.  Like for example, you consistently investing in the stock market monthly and adding funds on your stocks portfolio then it hits the buy below price or any opportunities that encountered that month.

Again, this post is not to encourage you to overspend but to become a disciplined finance manager.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

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Friday, 7 August 2015

Keep earning thru picking the right stocks

Getting it right in the stock market can probably make you richer by 1000,10000,100000,1000000 and add more more zeros if you do it consistently.

The question is how to pick the right stocks?

Is it thru blu chips company?

Is it thru IPO?

Is it thru riding with the news?
is it following your broker's recommendations?
Is it following the Facebook gurus in the forums?

I would not be able to answer it for you. The truth is, I created my own system and learned to protect myself from downtrend. Last time with my Newbie Intensive Course, I shared how to calculate entry point and pull back trading.

For example; MPI 
The calculated entry point is 4.71 and rebounced back, as of today price level @ 4.99.

After giving myself time and study fundamental analysis, I would like to share on my upcoming special webinar; the knowledge I gained.

Learning from books, seminars and experiences will only be valuable if we are able to share it with our "kababayans".

Knowledge is power but application of knowledge is a task.

I hope you are enjoying the financial journey.

Share the potential earnings in the stock market to your friends instead of joining in a MLM scam.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz 
Newbie Mentor 

P.S. If you are looking for a great app in the stock market, here is the link

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

5 Learnings in the stock market

1. Don't be greedy. I learned that if the stock hit my estimated Fair Value, I should sell it whether 30% or 70 % gains.

2. Patience. God answers our prayers in 3 ways Yes, No and Wait. In stock market, it's either downtrend or uptrend, gains or loss, buy or sell but there is one important word omitted "Wait", wait to have gains, wait to buy (it might not be the bottom yet), another term for wait is patience.

3. Don't follow the crowd. A stock that is too hype by Gurus in the forums will make you broke. Ex. FNI and Marc, many newbies bought those stocks at a high price, now they are IPIT.

4. A financial advisor that always quote stock market is risky will sell you mutual funds or any other investments that he or she can get commissions.

5. Gold prices went down as well as stocks related to this industry but why MLM companies that promoting gold as a product keep showing their dream car and paper money in Facebook . A simple reason, they are digging gold from their recruits.

Another important learning, you should enjoy the journey and have fun.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz 
Newbie Mentor 

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Monday, 3 August 2015

Aughost Month Special Webinar

Many Newbies keep asking me,  what is your strategy for this month of Aughost?
What is your technical indicators in selling PCOR?
Why did you keep CROWN after IPO and sold recently?
Did you subscribed for SBS IPO?
Are you accumulating stocks this month of Aughost?

I keep receiving questions and full of inbox messages, I decided that I will share few strategies in my upcoming Aughost Month Special webinar. Here is the link;

warren b

In this webinar, I will be sharing the winning strategy of Sir Warren as a value investor.

I will be giving 4 stocks to buy before the election rally of 2016 and compare it to SAM Table.

I'm going to teach the calculation of entry point in buying a stock to keep on a safe sides.

This webinar will not be the cheapest in the market because the value you will get is so much high and the promise of lifetime learnings.

To those newbies keep earning in the stock market.


Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. See you on this special webinar ;

Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Dishwasher's Journey to 100% Gains

I believed in everything that we do there is a motivation behind it. We could have 100% gains or loss.

I learned in life that it's not possible to be on bed of roses all the time. We can start on that bed and lost everything or from rags to riches.

Let me share my humble beginnings, how a dishwasher trying to make a difference.
I remember when I took decisions to work at an early age of 17 as a dishwasher in a small restaurant in Rome,Italy, the experience that made me realized that I want to achieve something bigger than it. 

2 yrs later I moved on other restaurant to be a pizza maker then to another bigger and famous restaurant. I decided to take a culinary arts course at Universita Popolare di Roma then I got the promotions.

After working 6 years in Rome, I continue further studies in London for a masters degree. 

After graduation, I continue finding my place from Singapore, London, Norway, Sweden, and a career that I could show my passion and talents from market researcher, documents controller, real estate broker, marketing director, cost accountant, financial advisor, and controller. 

Now, I'm enjoying my journey as a Father, an entrepreneur, app developer (PSE Tracker), operations manager, newbie blogger and PAM stock master(PAM Academy.

The truth I still keep looking and hungry as Steve Jobs advice "Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish".

What is my motivation behind this journey?

One word : FAMILY 

As I learned to gained 100% from my experience, I believed we can do it in the stock market and in any other financial instruments.

I'm dreaming that every Pinoy OFWs, someday will go home without financial worries and I contributed to that dreams.

"Together we can Achieve Financial Freedom "

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz 
Newbie Mentor 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Saan napunta ang Paycheck ni Juan?

"It is not about how much you earn but how much you save".

Katapusan na naman, traffic sa Edsa, walang parking sa Mall, ang haba ng pila sa ATM machines, ang daming sales, buy one take one dito at doon.

Bayad sa renta, meralco bills, PLDT bills, bayad sa 5, 6 , pamparty budget sa Friday night with dabarkads.

Paulit-ulit na paycheck buwan-buwan. Bakit kaya at saan napunta ang Paycheck ni Juan?

Ganito ka rin ba? Lagi kulang tuwing katapusan?

Marahil heto ang mindset mo, bata pa naman ako at eenjoy ko muna next year na lang ako magstart magsave. Kalimitan ito ang mindset at kulturang kinagisnan ng bawat Pinoy. Nagtataka tayo kung bakit hindi sapat tuwing katapusan at wala tayo maipon. Isa lang ang dahilan, inuuna natin ang "Gastusin". Bakit hindi mo subukan unahin ang "Ipon" bago ang "iPhone" o mga gastusin na pwede mong ipagpaliban.

"Pag-iipon or Savings" ang pwede mo maging unang hakbang patungo sa mas maayos at masaganang buhay.

Kung wala talagang matira, bakit hindi mo dagdagan ang kita? Baka pwedeng magovertime at maghanap ng sidelines?

O siguro, mas ok na lang ang pumila sa lotto at magdasal na sana ay isa ka sa milyon milyong umaasang bukas ay tatama ang numero. 

Bakit hindi mo subukan baguhin ang buwan-buwan na paghawak ng paycheck?

Savings muna, bago gastos.
Emergency funds bago dabarkads.
Protection or health insurance bago sigarilyo at beer.
Mutual Funds o Stock Market bago ang Engrande Vacation.

Paycheck na naman, sana hindi ko na marinig ang tanong, Saan napunta ang Paycheck ni Juan?

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor

P.S. Kung gusto mo matutunan pumili ng tamang stocks at strategy, samahan mo ako dito sa link:

How to Ensure you Have a Long Lasting Retirement?

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