Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Year of More

More than 1 language.
More than 1 skill.
More than 1 passive income.

This post is inspired by Ramith Sethi, best selling author I will teach you to be rich. A quote from him "I realized that most people want you to stay exactly where you are in life — and if you explicitly talk about how you want more, they get really uncomfortable."

I know most of your friends will say be contented at your white collar job, a small house and a once in a year vacation. We have a different preferences in life but we could go for more or stay at our comfort zone. 

I decided that I will have a year of more and continue with a different journey.

More than 1 language.
I will learn a new language which is Arabic and this is my fifth. As you know that I recently moved to UAE, it will be an added advantage to speak the local language. If you are OFWs, please learn the language of your host country, there are many Pinoys abroad making this mistakes because of mindset I will go back to Phils. very soon but they end up staying 20 yrs.

Learn a new language

More than 1 skill.
I'm doing a Barista training, in preparation for my future coffee shops and restaurants. Learning a new skill, it will put you one step ahead of your peers.Learn the skill that you need for your future business endeavors.

More than 1 passive income.
Think of another passive income sources, I'm trying really hard to add blogging ads as one of my stable passive income of 5k monthly, to tell you frankly I almost hit it every month. If you want to have more passive income, please join me and follow the procedures on this link

5000 PHP Extra Monthly

This year will be a year of more for everyone, more fun investing and trading, more success, more passive income and more results.

Have a year of more.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz 
Newbie Mentor 

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