Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Prepare a buying power!!!!

Saving during the time of downtrend in the market is the best strategy of an investor. As Sir Warren said "Cash is King".

Remember Cash is not an investment but an instrument to have an investment. Preparing a good amount of cash will give you a chance to average down in red stocks that you made a mistake in the entry point.

"Wala na ko buying power kaya hindi na makapagdagdag". Sounds familiar!!!

You can do 2 things;

1st - Sell your stock that have gains and use it as a buying power to reinvest the amount.

2nd - Close your portfolio and do extra work or part time jobs, in this way you will have more cash later.

Ghost month is on the way and Shanghai composite index is continue to slide. The index react negatively after the SONA, PSEi ended at 7,479 level and a possible scenario of continuously touching the next support line at 7,450.

I'm receiving inquiries about how to handle stocks portfolio in times of downtrend. My answer is to prepare buying power and keep it on the sides until the market calm down and hits below 7,200 index level. 

I highly recommend newbies to buy only those blu chip companies and don't trade those small caps without any good reasons such as earnings, expansion plans, good FOO price offering, dividends, etc. etc.

Keep safe Newbies.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor 

P.S. I will be holding a special webinar about the stock market strategy for Aughost month and share my stock picks, if you are interested, join me on this link ; http://pamrichfriends.com/special-ghost-stocks-webinar/

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