Tuesday, 14 July 2015

How to minimize stock market losses ?

I have not failed 1,000 times, I have successfully found 1,000 ways that will not make a light bulb.”  -Thomas Edison
This quote is an inspiration and motivation for my financial journey and as a newbie mentor. 

I failed many times and I keep failing that would not stop me in this journey. If you don't have any records of failure then you are not taking that much risks. In the field of stock market, failure will cost you a lot of money and a brighter future into a darker future.

I recommended to closed the portfolio until the uncertainty of Greece and China's free fall stabilize. Today market showed a positive change of .45%, I'm back to the trading field, and opened my portfolio and a green day change. Failures and losses in this field is normal, everyday is mental toughness game. Your day change can be red or green.

How to minimize those failures in the stock market?

I have a simple answer PAM.

PAM - Planning, Actions and Mindset.

P - Plan for your moves, before pressing the buy button check what is your plan for this stock? Is it for long term or for tsupit?
Many are playing on this market because of the ups and downs, if you bought MCP, Bloom, SPH yesterday then more than 5 % gains by today's performance of the market. This is not always the case, it could go on the negative side.

A - Action, sometimes if you made a mistake, switching strategy is your action, your action will determine the loss or gains. Set a a target price. The most important part is to determine a good entry point.

M- Mindset, growth mindset is different from fixed mindset. In every mistakes should be a lesson learned. You need to be mentally tough and have a right mindset.

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Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor

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